Taiga Coolers Review 2023 : Based On Series, Comparability & Features

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A local Texas Based company founded by John Hohenshelt and Adam Artho deals in Taiga Soft-sided coolers, Mossy Oak Coolers, Gears, and many other things. Both the owners had a passion for hunting. Likewise, both the owners shared the same interests. With their desire to introduce a product in the market, the Taiga Coolers were originated. Take a look at the Taiga Coolers Product lineup and how these coolers perform when exposed to the sun’s rays. Do they live up to the expectations or not? Below, we have presented a table that features the Taiga Coolers Reviews. Readout our reviews to know more about these coolers.

Categories Across the Taiga Coolers

Along with the Apparels and Gears, Taiga Offers much more in terms of Coolers. One can find a huge variety of Taiga coolers that include Taiga Hard Sided Coolers and Taiga Soft Sided Coolers. Let’s be familiar with both of the categories.

Taiga Hard Sided Coolers

Taiga Hard sided Coolers Color Options

A plethora of options is available under the category of Taiga Hard Sided Coolers. One can choose from the 27 Quart, 88 Quart, 55 Quart. Not only this, but these products are also available in different storage capacities and beautiful colors. When it comes to colors, you have an abundance of choices. Choose the color that perfectly suits your trekking clothes and accessories. Choose from Desert Camo, Woodland Camo, Tan color, and much more.

No products found.

For more colors and designs, visit here.

Taiga Soft Coolers

Taiga Soft Sided Coolers

One can also choose from the Taiga Soft Coolers Line up. Many options are available to choose the products depending on the colors, size, design. The products under Taiga Soft Coolers include Brown Soft-sided cooler, Camo soft-sided cooler, Pink Camo Soft-sided cooler, Navy Soft-sided cooler, and many more.

  • Quality Built Taiga Soft Sided Ice chest boasts of superior build quality. These ice chests are extremely well built using Tuff-Duck Material with PVC backing that can suffer cuts and scratches. For durability and longevity, these coolers come with the Secondary PVC Liner.
  • High-Density Foam – Great ice retention is another impressive thing about the Taiga Soft-Sided Coolers. These ice chests come with the high-density foam that captures the cold air inside the cooler, which ultimately expands the ice retention ability of these ice chests.
  • Mobility – Taiga Soft-Sided Coolers weigh much less. These coolers are portable and compact. So, carrying them becomes much convenient because these coolers feature shoulder straps and overhead handles. The shoulder straps are removable. Shoulder straps are a nice addition to the coolers. When it comes to carrying or lifting the heavy ice chests, shoulder straps let you carry the bag very easily.

Features of Taiga Coolers

Taiga Coolers do not brag about much of the features; rather, the quality and finish of the products displace other competitor’s products’ position and tops the list. No break polypropylene walls built in the Taiga Coolers make it indestructible.

  • Durability The Taiga Coolers comes up with the ASTM test that measures the strength and durability. Innovation and exclusive designs take the Taiga Coolers a step ahead of the rest of the brands. Taiga Coolers comes with an exclusive and innovative design.
  • Vibrant Colors The camo colors, bright colors help the Taiga Coolers in taking the lead. You can choose from a wide variety of colors with exclusive designs.
  • Customization With the customization of the products available, you can customize the product in whatever way you want. Get your personal and exclusive design with the customization offered by the Taiga.
  • Anti-microbial material In addition to this, the anti-microbial material lined within the walls prevents mold and mildew, and the harmful elements stay away from the coolers. So, whenever you are going to get water, Taiga Coolers makes sure that the water is healthy and no harmful content is present in the water or food.
  • Lifetime Warranty Besides all this, Taiga’s Life Time warranty makes it stand out from the crowd. The Life Time warranty is sure to cover up all your price of the product. If damaged, Taiga will either replace or repair the product. Money-Back Guaranteed provided by Taiga is sure to satisfy your decision to buy a product from the veteran brand. If you feel regret about your decision, get the money back within 60 days of being questioned. There remains no question about the durability of the product when the Taiga is offering Life Time Warranty.

Taiga Hard-Sided Cooler- Comparison

Model27 Quart Taiga Cooler55 Quart Taiga Cooler88 Quart Taiga Cooler
Storageup to 24 cansup to 60 cansup to 96 cans
Exterior Dimension (inch)L: 23 x W: 15-1/2 x H: 15L: 34-1/4 x W: 17 x H: 19L: 47 x W: 21 x H: 18
Interior Dimensions (inch)L: 15 x W: 12-1/2 x H: 10L: 24-1/2 x W: 12 x H: 12-3/4L: 36-3/4 x W: 12 x H: 13-1/2
  • Design and Constructions Like already stated above that the Taiga Coolers are tough and durable. The Taiga Cooler beats the renowned rotomolded cooler products in the industry. If you are out on any venture, you will be amazed to find out Taiga Coolers’ durability is much better than the rest.

  • Different Sizes Taiga Coolers are available in different sizes and storage capacities. This helps the customers to select the relevant product according to their needs and desire. Apart from this, Taiga offers customization in a product, so you do not have to compromise with the products.

  • Vibrant Colors One thing that customer loves about the Taiga Coolers is vibrant colors. So, if you are one who loves bright colors, the Tiaga Coolers are especially for you. You can choose from a wide variety of colors that includes pink, Navy, Camo, Brown, and much more.

  • Effective Price Tiaga Coolers are relatively cheaper than the rest of the brands. Apart from this, the Tiaga Coolers come with 60 days money-back guarantee. Not only this, but you can also enjoy a lifetime warranty on Taiga Coolers.

  • Ice Life  Due to the built of a thick insulated wall, Gasket, and Lock system that encircles the lid’s length and prevents the heat from entering the cooler.  The only thing that people look for while buying the cooler is the Ice Retention Period. So, many brands have placed their bets on the Ice Retention period. The same is with the Taiga Cooler, who claimed about 7 days of the Ice Retention Period. Thick Insulated walls, Gasket, and Lock system have prompted the Taiga to make such a statement. The question that prevails in the mind of consumers is if the claim is true?  To find out whether the claim is true or not. We tested the ice retention period of Taiga Coolers. Later on, what we found out was not a big surprise for us. The largest Tiaga Cooler model saw an ice retention period of about 7 days, which was exactly what was stated by the Taiga. The smallest model does not see such an ice retention period.

Some of The Best Taiga Cooler

Taiga has a wide range of coolers that consumers can choose from. But choosing the right cooler that meets your specifications can be a great deal. So, let’s check some of the best Taiga Coolers so get an insight into what to look for while buying the Taiga Coolers.


Taiga Coolers Leak Proof 88 Quart White Cooler with Heavy R5 Insulation

Taiga Coolers Leak Proof 55 Quart White Cooler with Heavy R5 Insulation

Taiga Coolers Leak Proof 27 Quart Woodland Camo Cooler w/ R5 Insulation

Taiga Coolers Leak Proof 27 Quart Desert Camo Cooler with Dove Seat

Storage Volume





Ice Life










Overall Review

With the least number of the product line up compared to the other brands, Taiga Coolers still outshine some of the industry’s esteemed brands. The strong build quality provides the consumers with a much durable product and will surely last long. Further, the lifetime warranty offered by Tiaga makes it more of an investment rather than a purchase. Concluding, If you are looking for a great cooler with all these features while keeping your budget intact, we highly recommend you to go for it. What’s more there to know is that you will get the money back in 60 days without even being questioned if you do not like the product. So, What are you waiting for?

We hope you would have loved our Taiga Cooler Reviews. More Cooler Reviews are just a click away.

Do let us know what are you planning to buy for your next outdoor trip?

Customer’s FAQs

What Makes Taiga Coolers Better Than Others?

Taiga coolers are designed using an injected molding process that gives them an edge over the others. Apart from that, they have used engineered plastic material to increase the durability of these coolers. On top of that, they have an amazing ice retention period and are capable enough to keep your content chilled and edible for five days. Knowing that they are providing you with a lifetime warranty and 60 days money back, you can be assured of the quality they are offering.

How To Keep Food Chilled In Taiga Coolers?

Taiga coolers are well insulated and can preserve your food for days. However, you can expand this period by following these steps and get the most out of your cooler.
It is a good idea to Pre-chill your food and packs it only when you are all set to go.
Avoid frequently opening the cooler since it will draw hot air inside the ice chest and impact your cooler’s cooling performance.

What is the storage space of Taiga Coolers?

Taiga has a range of coolers that come in different sizes and storage. The brand has got you covered and will cater to your needs, no matter whether you are looking for a small cooler or a large cooler. So, depending upon your requirement, you can take your pick.

How to make the most out of your cooler?

Many factors can impact the life of ice, food, beverages, but it is essential to know how to make the most out of your cooler.

  • Try to keep your food and drinks cool before putting them inside the cooler. This will help the cooler to work more efficiently.
  • Another essential thing to keep in mind is to use dry ice. The solid carbon dioxide lasts more than normal ice. Hence it maintains the temperature inside the cooler.
  • To make the most out of your coolers, you must know that you should always avoid opening the cooler frequently and keep it away from the sunlight.

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