RTIC Coolers And Its Review

Rtic cooler reviews

Is it safe to say that you are frantically trusting that the late spring will come? I’m certain you should be after a long winter and spring we as a whole need to go for a get-away. All the excited individuals will have made arrangements to go setting up camp, fishing, hunting, or to some place for mountaineering, as well as going to an ocean side. Have you at any point thought to imagine a scenario in which you don’t get your chilled drinks when you are out for a little while? Certainly, we really want a decent cooler to keep our beverages ideal for consuming and partaking in our day. I’m certain all of you should be very confounded about which one to purchase with regard to a cooler. I’m here to assist you with exploring RTIC coolers and choosing which will suit your requirements.

Hard Side RTIC Coolers

RTIC Coolers are one of the first-rate coolers on the lookout. Its roto-molding process makes it a durable and lightweight cooler. It comes in different sizes and specifications. there are hard as well as soft side coolers that are available, so firstly let’s talk about rotomolded coolers or hard side coolers. Whether or not, it fulfills the requirement of the customer is the central part of the entire review so let’s check these ones by one.

Comparison table for different sizes

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Table summary

We can see by comparing all the RTIC coolers of different sizes that the least ice retention capacity is the 20 qt RTIC coolers which are up to 3 days and the maximum is the 65, 110, and 145 quarts coolers which are up to 10 days. The lightest weighted cooler is the 32 and 52 quarts coolers regardless of their sizes. however, the heaviest is the 145-quart RTIC coolers. RTIC coolers are bear-proof certified and have a warranty of 1 year from the date of manufacture.

Hard side Coolers Features

As we have discussed the different sizes and capacities of RTIC coolers, let us now get to know a little more about the features of these coolers and what makes them one of the leading brands among all coolers. You need to have these features in Camping Coolers.

      1. Durability 

We need to know other than cooling if the product is strong enough to handle the abrasion and roughness of a trip in the wilderness. As I have mentioned earlier, the RTIC cooling products are made up of a roto-molding construction process, making them strong and sturdy. This is a perfectly effective technique as it is undoubtedly seamless which improves ice retention capacity. 

      2. Ice-Retention

One of the main key features of these coolers is it keeps the ice retention process slower than any other normal coolers. This makes our food stored for longer periods of time making it safe to consume. The slower the ice melts the longer the food can be stored. Therefore, 3 inches of foam insulation makes the food perishable and beverages chilled. Most of the RTIC coolers are can give up to 3-10 days of ice retention capacity depending on the temperature of the weather, in higher temperatures such as 110 degrees the ice retention capacity may decrease and in lower temperatures, such as 40 degrees the ice retention may be for a longer time.

      3. Portability

The RTIC coolers are known for their lightweight features that make the portable cooler, the 32 and 52 quarts coolers are ultra lighter than any other coolers making them easy to move but other than that, it’s a bit difficult to carry if compared to yeti and orca coolers. Sadly it doesn’t come with wheels attached so it’s better to buy the lightweight RTIC coolers. The heavier the cooler difficult it becomes to carry. A good travel cooler always considers portability as an important feature to keep in mind.

      4. Drainage

RTIC coolers come with two side drainage spouts, which makes it easy to drain melted ice after the trip is over. You can twist or untwist to lock and unlock the rubber gasket. The rubber gasket ensures no leaking, making it leakproof but at times when the rubber gasket is not properly fit or may wear or tear it might leak in such cases.

      5. Rubber handles

When it comes to handling, it is very important that handles should be strong and easy to carry.  Handles that RTIC uses are the rope handles which are sturdy and robust. It can be changed if broken but I feel why should it break first of all? but in case it breaks then you can replace it. It should be comfortable and should have a good grip to carry in uneven terrain. These rope handles are in T-shape which makes them easy to carry.

      6. Latches

The -latch is quite a thing as it makes it easy to lock and open. It gives a perfect grip between the lid and the body as well as keeps the food spill free. The latches are made up of rubber or silicon to avoid getting corroded or rusted. The top hinge quality and molted tie-down slot keep is the main reason that keeps the cooler RTIC cooler intact.

      7. Anti-slip feet

RTIC coolers come with anti-skid feet which keeps the cooler stable in one place, keeping a stronghold to the ground. This is quite necessary when it comes to such containers and boxes. The anti-slip feet can avoid many accidents.

      8. Anti-slip Lid

It is important that the lid is an anti-slip rubber lid that it can easily be sealed which keeps the cooler air tight keeping the food fresh and hygienic. The rubber lid will secure the stored food for a longer time. if the lid is not properly closed it can also reduce ice retention. The less the lid has opened the longer the ice retention.

      9. Anti-sweat

The RTIC coolers come with this striking feature that it is anti-sweat coolers, that do not transfer the water droplets outside the cooler. This feature makes it stand out as you can make multiple uses of the cooler such as sitting, chopping, acting table, etc. The lid also has a padlock feature that secures the cooler when you are out leaving it behind.

      10. Bear Proof

All RTIC coolers come with bear-proof certified features, which means the product passes the live bear test proving it to be strong enough to resist any breach by the animals. Hard-side RTIC coolers are generally Bear-proof Coolers.

      11. Accessories

When some accessories come along with the RTIC coolers like a chopping board, and bottle opener, while other RTIC coolers come with accessories that you can buy by paying a little extra such as the cooler divider, ice pads, basket, etc can make your camping more desirable and easier.

Soft RTIC Coolers

Other than making roto-shaped hard-side coolers, the RTIC is likewise driving the market by presenting the delicate pack cooler that can store your food and drink for a little while. In the event that you have arranged your day’s trip, you can likewise convey these consumable, simple-to-convey delicate pack coolers which come in various shapes and sizes. it is best for ordinary suburbanites. purchasing a cooler remembering your need and prerequisites is consistently shrewd. allow me to brief you on the sort of delicate coolers.

  • Soft Pack Coolers 

The soft pack coolers are 100% leakproof. It comes in different sizes which can hold up to 12  20,30, and 40 can depending on the number of hours you are away from home. The dimension may vary from size to size. This keeps your beverages chilled for 24 hours or more. Every RTIC soft pack cooler floats, making it waterproof and lightweight. A sturdy zipper keeps your beverages safeguarded no matter what, forestalling spills and breaks.

  • Everyday Cooler

This updated Regular Cooler comes with closed-cell foam insulation which is lightweight. The multiple storage pockets are to keep things like napkins, flatware, your wallet, and keys. The entire day was cold with the RTIC ice pad. The wide mouth opening and lay-back cover help in easy usage. The only drawback is the fabric zipper, which can lead to the spilling of liquid content. The base of the cooler is covered to safeguard it from getting wet. It consists of removal, top caliber, treated steel bottle, and bottle opener.

  • Chillout Backpack Cooler

It is a backpack with cooling features that is very lightweight making it easily portable. The ergonomic shoulder strap is quite comfortable to carry for the whole day. the fully insulated bag carries up to 24 cans. The fully insulated cooler includes an RTIC pack keeping the food safe to consume. A large front stash pocket is suitable for extra gear such as towels, bathrobes, etc. whereas small pockets are used to access wallets, keys, and mobile phones. the shoulder strap consists of a stainless bottle opener. It also consists of two external mesh pockets for water bottles or umbrellas.

  • Backpack Cooler

This type of soft-pack cooler comes in two sizes one that can hold up to 20 cans and the other with 30 cans. It is perfect for wine bottles. The premium insulated material can keep your food and drinks chilled for longer days. As this is in a backpack style it is quite obvious that it is hands-free and both hands can be used for holding and carrying other items necessary for an outing. It’s comfortable and portable. The welded seam is the reason for waterproofing and can float in water making it one of the best-floating coolers.

  • Insulated Tote Bag

An insulated Tote bag is a great choice when it comes to a day’s out plan, It comes with a heavy-duty polyester that is used for the outside of the bag, and the inner side of the cooler consist of high-density insulation material with a zip at the top for easy access but, you need to use loose ice to avoid leakage and for keeping it food cold. It has extra space for storage and it comes with a small gear pocket. The inner material is approved by FDA which makes the safe for consumption. Antimicrobial, item-safeguarding properties are incorporated into the adaptable covering to oppose scent, form, and mold, making it simple to clean between utilizes.

  •  Lightweight Backpack Cooler

It comes with a capacity of 15 cans. This can store food for more than 24 hours. It is quite similar to the other backpacks that have variations in sizes but the features are almost the same. Going by its name, it is a quite light weighted backpack which makes it stand out.  These lightweight Backpack coolers are quite convenient to carry.

  • 15 Cans Soft Pack Sling Bag

This sling bag cooler comes with 15 cans of storage ability. It consists of an adjustable cross-body strap which can help in easy access to the items as it is placed at the back. the welded seams make it durable and waterproof. The premium insulation material keeps it cool and lightweight. Sling bag Potable coolers can also be carried to movie theaters, sports days, travel, etc.

  • Day Cooler

Day coolers are the size of a lunch box. It comes in a variety of sizes and colors. The zipper pocket is for storing small items such as bottle openers, wallets, keys, etc. It keeps the food chilled for 24 hours. It is made up of heavy-duty polyester so that it can store your favorite drink. The zipper comes in a fabric material which can lead to the spilling of the liquid item.


Can we use dry ice for storage in Rtic Coolers?

Yes, you can use dry ice as RTIC Coolers are dry ice compatible.

Are RTIC Cooler roto-molded?

Yes, all RTIC Coolers are roto-molded making them tough and durable.

Are RTIC Coolers manufactured in the USA?

None of the RTIC Coolers is manufactured in the USA, it is made in China and distributed in the USA. The fulfillment center is in the USA.

Is RTIC a trustworthy brand?

According to the online reviews, RTIC coolers are quite good for most RTIC owners, it is quite compatible with the YETI coolers.

Are RTIC Coolers cheaper than any other coolers brand?

Yes, it’s affordable as compared to the quality and ice life RTIC Coolers are much cheaper and better than any other good brands.

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