Polar Bear Coolers Review In 2023: Experience The Toughness Of The Coolers

Polar Bear cooler, Polar Bear cooler review

No matter what game you love – you can always count on Polar Bear to get you through. In the world of outdoor and wilderness, you are only good as your toughest gears. Since its inception, the brand has earned the trust of outdoorsmen, and the brand has definitely walked an extra path to offer you a tough, rugged, durable camping cooler. With that said, you can always read out our Polar Bear Coolers Reviews that will offer you every bit of important information about their performance.

Polar Bear Coolers is one of the prominent coolers in the Industry. Apart from manufacturing coolers or ice chests, they deal in drinkware, apparel, and accessories. Coming to coolers, they have an impressive product line up, especially in the Soft Sided Coolers. These coolers come in different sizes, and storage needs to meet every customer’s demand. So, let’s proceed to know more about the product line up of Polar Bear Coolers, their specifications, and much more.

Polar Bear Cooler Product Line up

polar bear backpack cooler lineup

Polar Bear is the only brand that focuses highly on the Soft-Sided Coolers rather than the Hard-Sided Coolers. Across the Polar Bear Soft-Sided coolers, you have an abundance of options to choose from. These coolers come in different sizes and storage capacity, and you will definitely find that perfectly meets your storage need. Let’s get in detail about the Polar Bear Soft-Sided Coolers. Polar Bear deals in five series of Soft Sided Coolers, i.e., Nylon, Solar Bear, Eclipse Coolers, H2O Waterproof Coolers, Tracker Coolers. Take a look at the best cooler bags from Polar Bear.

Nylon Coolers


Under the Nylon Series of Polar Bear, you can choose from a huge but not so huge variety of coolers. These coolers come in different sizes and storage capacities so that you don’t have to compromise with the product. Under this category, you can choose from the 6 pack Nylon Soft Cooler, 12 pack Nylon Soft Cooler, 24 pack Nylon Soft Cooler, 48 pack Nylon Cooler, and Polar Bear Nylon Backpack Coolers.

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Solar Bear Coolers

polar bear solar bear cooler lineup

Despite being limited in options, these coolers are the much-upgraded version of Nylon Coolers. Nylon coolers served the basic purposes with basic features. Unlike Nylon coolers, these coolers are UV Resistant. You can choose from the 12 pack Nylon Solar Bear Cooler, 24 Nylon Solar Bear Cooler, 48 Nylon Solar Bear Cooler, and Nylon Solar Bear Cooler Backpack.

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H2O Waterproof Coolers

polar bear h2o cooler lineup

The Eclipse Cooler series and the H2O Waterproof coolers are the same. The major difference between these series lies in the fact they offer more variety than H2O Waterproof Coolers. Like the eclipse coolers, these coolers come with a lifetime warranty with almost the same ice retention life.

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Eclipse Coolers


Coming to our next series, which is Eclipse Coolers. These coolers come with closed-cell foam insulation, which offers a great ice life. As claimed by the Polar Bear, these coolers can retain the ice for 3 days. Apart from this, these coolers are guaranteed leakproof, and to back up their product, these coolers come with a lifetime warranty. Under this series, you have limited choice. You can either choose from the 24 pack eclipse cooler or eclipse backpack cooler.

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Polar Bear Tracker Coolers

polar bear tracker cooler lineup

With the same features and specifications, the next series we are talking about is Polar Bear Tracker Coolers. Like Eclipse coolers, this series does not offer much variety of coolers to choose from. You can only choose Mossy Oak Tracker Backpack Coolers.

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Polar Bear Coolers Features

Now, we know Polar Bear Coolers’ history, their impressive and huge product line up. Now that we are pretty much informed about the Polar Bear Soft-Side Cooler Series, their models, and the differences among each series, let’s proceed to what we barely know. Yes, Let’s get to know about the features and specifications of the Polar Bear Cooler Series.

We have already talked about the various series of Polar Bear Soft-Side Cooler. There is a considerable difference in each series when it comes to the features and specifications.

  • Great Quality – Made using the 1000 denier luggage grade nylon outer shell ensures the coolers’ quality. These coolers are unaffected by scratches and cuts. Moreover, the fabric will not tear out, and the quality of the coolers is undoubtful. In addition to this, these coolers are designed using FDA Approved Liner, which is a hallmark for the superb product quality.
  • UV Resistant – Whether you set out on a journey during summer or whether you play your sports under the scorching heat of the sun, all these woes will vanish. These coolers are not bothered by the rays or heat of the sun. Being UV Resistant, the sun’s rays will not affect the ice retention ability of these coolers.
  • Ice Retention Period – These coolers come with the one-inch High-Density Thick Foam insulation, which boasts of these coolers’ ice retention ability. Despite being UV Resistant, these coolers are unaffected by the sun rays, further expanding the coolers’ ice retaining capacity.
  • Customization – Polar Bear provides the customization features towards the coolers. You can create your own design, pattern, or even a sports team logo. Polar Bear Coolers’ feature is much impressive; otherwise, the cooler would seem to be dull.

Polar Bear Coolers – Comparison

SeriesNylon CoolersSolar Bear CoolersEclipse H2OTracker
100 % WaterproofNONONOYESNO
Build qualityYKK Heavy Duty PlasticYKK Heavy Duty PlasticAll metalAll metalAll Metal
Skid Proof BottomNoNoYesYesNo
Chill TimeUp to 24 hoursUp to 24 hours3 plus days3 plus days