Ozark Trail Coolers Reviews 2023 – The other name of strength and durability

Ozark Trail Coolers Reviews

Ozark Trail is arguably the biggest name when it comes to camping and outdoor gear. The brand is famous for organizing and exploring new trails in the woods, mountains, and unexplored areas. Also, the reliability of Ozark Trail tents is exceptional. But here, we will talk about another important product, i.e., Ozark Trail Coolers.

The name Ozark itself gives confidence to outdoor lovers. Ask any experienced traveler; they will explain how reliable this brand’s products are. Similarly, Ozark Trail coolers are very durable that are fit for your every outdoor excursion. Take a look at the Ozark Trail Coolers Reviews.

5 Best Ozark Trail Coolers Reviews

Ozark Trail, as discussed above, is famous for strong and durable products but also makes sure that the purpose of the product is fulfilled. If you are looking to buy a new cooler for your next trails, then you must check the coolers below.

Ozark Trail 52 Quat Rotomolded Cooler

Ozark Trail Coolers Reviews First on the list is one of the best sellers of the brand. This rotomolded cooler is super tough and is built to last in extreme weather and physical conditions. Also, because of the one-piece construction, it is highly unlikely that this cooler would break.

Unlike many other coolers with rubber gasket locking plates, this cooler has a stainless steel locking plate with a built-in bottle opener. Moreover, there are four bottles/can holders so that you don’t have to worry about putting your beer can while you enjoy the campfire.

From the inside, this cooler justifies what a good cooler means. You don’t have to have to worry about the melting of ice as this cooler can retain ice for about 8 days. There is a built-in fishing scale inside the compound.

Also, the heavy-duty handles and comfy grip make sure that you don’t have any difficulty in carrying this cooler. The bottom surface is made of non-skid material that ensures this cooler withstands wet surfaces. This Ozark Trail cooler is one of the best bear-proof coolers as it is IGBC certified.

Being a rotomolded cooler and IGBC certified, this cooler itself acts as a chair. In a nutshell, this cooler is one of the best medium coolers. Although there is no color option the price is worth it.

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Ozark Trail 26 Quart High-Performance Cooler

Ozark Trail Coolers Next on the list is another bestseller of the brand. This is one of the best small-sized coolers available. It doesn’t matter what your outdoor excursion is, this cooler is your perfect partner.

This Ozark Trail Cooler is built of stainless steel and a single rotomolded body. But it still weighs around 14 pounds, isn’t it cool? Also, it is IGBC certified, which means your food and drinks are safe even from animals in the wild.

This Ozark Trail 26 Quart Cooler can retain ice for up to four days when packed perfectly. It can hold up to 20 drink cans, including ice. You don’t have to worry about the water as the drain is located strategically.

The rubber gasket ensures that the hot air doesn’t get inside. The handle is quite strong, and the grip is super-comfy to hold and lift the cooler for far distances. Moreover, it comes with a fish scale and built-in bottle opener.

Some customers found that this cooler can’t retain ice for even 4 days in high temperatures. But, this is a perfect partner for your short trips or day at the beach.

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Soft-Sided Cooler by Ozark Trail

Ozark Trail Coolers Moving on from the rotomolded coolers, here is one of the best soft coolers that you can get today. Soft-sided coolers are ideal for a day trip. Be it a day at the beach, fishing, an evening date by the lakeside, or a family picnic.

Like other Ozark Trail coolers, this cooler is also very reliable and strong. While buying a soft cooler, one must check the zippers of the cooler. Talking of zippers, this cooler has robust and durable zippers and doesn’t get any trouble while moving the latches.

The inner walls are made of insulated leak-proof material that prevents hot air from getting inside them. There is one extra pocket at the front to keep small things like a bottle opener. This velcro pocket is designed with new technology.

This Ozark Trail soft cooler can hold up to 12 beer cans. Thus, this soft cooler bag is ideal for a day trip of a small group. Moreover, it has an ice-retention capacity of 2 days, so, you can also consider this cooler for a 2-day trip as well.

The best thing about this cooler is that it fits in the budget. So, people, especially students who run short of money must consider this cooler for their outdoor excursions. This cooler may not fulfill the needs that you expect from a rotomolded cooler, but this cooler is still very efficient.

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Ozark Trail Backpack Cooler

Ozark Trail Backpack Cooler The next cooler on the list is for those who are go-getters. For people who love to explore nature to the best and travel to farther places, you must carry a backpack cooler instead of good quality large-sized coolers as they are difficult to carry along.

Starting with the made of this cooler bag, it is made of highly strong fabric. The zipper seals the air completely inside and doesn’t let the hot air get inside. The straps of the cooler are quite wide and padded to distribute the pressure on the shoulders. Similarly, the back mesh of the cooler is also padded to provide extra comfort while you carry the backpack on your shoulders.

This Ozark Trail cooler bag is highly spacious as far as a backpack cooler is considered. You can store about 15 cans easily with 10lbs of ice. There is an extra front pocket to keep things like a map, a bottle opener, etc. The Ozark Trail backpack cooler logo is placed in a very strategic place and it looks very appealing.

Also, the color and the texture of the fabric are very nice and suit everyone’s personality. This cooler is liked by many frequent outdoor lovers mainly because it’s easy to carry and a longer ice retention capacity. There is no point in ignoring this super-amazing cooler if you travel solo or with your partner to unexplored areas.

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Ozark Trail 6 Can Soft Sided Cooler

Ozark Trail Soft Coolers Last but not least is another soft-sided cooler by Ozark Trail Coolers. If you are planning a short solo trip or a day outing with your friends, this cooler is your perfect pick.

The best part of this cooler is that being smaller in size, you can use it as a lunchbox as well. The insulated walls maintain the inner temperature. If you want to keep cold drinks inside it, then you can easily our 6 beer cans with ice.

There is a pocket in the front to keep small things like a map, a bottle opener, tissues, etc. One of the most distinctive features of this cooler that you won’t find in other soft coolers is that the cooler is expandable from the top to create extra space. So, the fun must not stop.

Speaking of fun, if you want to enjoy yourself to the fullest, you need a cooler that can supply you with chilled drinks and some music to set the mood right. And what if you get both cooler and speakers in one? you just need to get the best coolers with speakers to turn on the party.

This cooler is perfect for a solo short trip or for a couple’s day outing. the price of this cooler is worth it. Moreover, this cooler is liked by most customers who bought it. Though there are not any color options.

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What is the ice retention capacity of Ozark Trail Coolers?

The average ice retention capacity of Ozark Trail Coolers is about 4 days. But it depends on the type of cooler you are buying. If you buy a large rotomolded cooler, then the ice will last for 9-10 days. But if you are buying a small soft cooler, then ice will last for 1-2 days.

How to enhance the ice-retention capacity of coolers?

You can keep your drinks inside the refrigerator before putting them inside the cooler. You can also use dry ice instead of regular ice to enhance the ice retention capacity.

Are Ozark Trail Coolers better than Yeti Coolers?

This is a very debatable topic as both brands are known for manufacturing strong and durable products. Ozark Trail has a very limited number of coolers in their catalog while Yeti is the cooler tycoon.

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