Orca Coolers Review: With The Comparison Table Of All Sizes

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Orca coolers are one of the leading company for coolers and their accessories. Its premium quality and storage makes it one of the best cooler among the competitors. It comes in beautiful and exotic colors making it the most attractive cooler among anglers, campers, and tailgaters. This is all you need when it comes to going for outdoor activities in summer and spring. A perfect gift for an outdoorsy person who can rely on it for food and drinks storage. The Orca coolers come in different sizes and colors. It comes in two varieties. One is the hard side cooler and the other one is the soft side cooler.

Ocra Hard Side Coolers

The hard side coolers come in different sizes such as 20 quartz, 26 quartz, 40 quartz, 55 quartz, 75 quartz, and 140 quartz. It comes in many attractive colors. It comes in a hard-side box-like structure. The integrated insulation of the cooler gives maximum cold retention for up to 200 hours or more. The extendable handle makes it easy to carry and easy drainage spout with a lid gasket that ensures a perfect seal.

To explain better, here is a table that we have made for better understanding. The table is categorized according to the different capacities and sizes of the Orca coolers.

Comparison Table of Different Sizes Cooler

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Orca Hard Side Coolers Features

When it comes to camping, hunting, or going to a beach this is the most important thing to carry, but going for the best features is all we need, Orca coolers have this amazing features that make them better than any other travel coolers that market. Here we will discuss the features of Orca cooler that have made its niche.


The Orca cooler has a wide range of features, and one of the most admiring ones is its durability of the cooler. It is made up of plastic with a roto-molding construction process, which makes it tough and durable. Rotational molding is a manufacturing process that uses bi-axle rotation, heating, and cooling to produce extremely strong parts. The finished product is a leak-free, lightweight, seamless, and extremely durable design. The quality of the Orca coolers is premium and severs the purpose for a longer period. It is designed to handle the wear and tear of the trip. It doesn’t break easily. Almost all orca coolers are rotomolded coolers.

Appearance and Availability

It comes in several designs and colors. The perfect style and fashion make the most loved cooler. It comes in different sizes, colors, and types. It comes in two styles hard side and soft side. The hard side coolers are hard and stiff and are used for camping and long trips the soft side coolers are for an outing or traveling. The variety of shades and colors that are available in hard-side coolers is remarkable. You can have a huge ablaze of colors to choose from, which you hardly see in any other brand. As it comes in various sizes and types it becomes easy to find the cooler that fits your needs and uses.


The roto-molded construction makes it the most prominent feature of the cooler by increasing the ice life of the cooler, as this process of construction makes it tough and this will prevent the melting of ice for many hours, making it best for storage. It is ideal for long trips where the maximum insulation makes it best for ice retention, which keeps your food and beverage fresh and healthy.


One of the coolest features of this cooler is that it has a lid gasket that ensures the lid is tightly and safely sealed. This feature of the cooler keeps the food and drinks from spilling even when you handle the cooler roughly and harshly. There is no way the lid opens up on its own, the lid gasket keeps the cooler tightly sealed, making it an airtight box.


One of the most important features of the Orca coolers is its drainage system, which is easy and needs no time to do.  However, while cleaning the cooler the melted ice water needs to be drained out, this cooler has a drainage spout that drains away the dirty water after its use. The easy drainage spout that is incorporated for the easy flow of melted ice is surprisingly good. One of the demerits of drainage spout is it might leak if it is not properly sealed or it becomes loose and doesn’t fit properly might also lead to leakage.


The extended flex-grip rubber handle comes with the Orca cooler which makes it rust-free and easy to handle. You can carry it anywhere and everywhere. It comes with single as well as double-sided handles. For smaller coolers like 20 and 26 quarts, the handles are single-sided handles, and the cooler with maximum capacity comes with a double-sided handle that requires two people to carry. The stainless steel and tough nylon used to make handles are quite strong and sturdy. However, this can be quite difficult to carry at times as it has double-sided handles, and it needs more than one person to carry. There are other coolers with wheels that you can check out for good mobility in terrains


The rubber fluke-shaped clasp is one of the most stylized clasps that symbolize the logo of the brand. The rubble handle is used to lock and unlock the Orca cooler box. It is designed as a whale fluke (tail ) that gives a trendy look to the cooler, the aesthetic and appealing orca tail design gives a nice grip to the lid and the body.

Bear proof

Bear-safe holders are characterized as secure compartments built of strong, non-malleable material. The Orca cooler is the premium cooler as it is bear proof which is certified by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC). Now you don’t have to worry about the safety and hygiene of food and beverages from a grizzly bear. Moreover, bear-proof coolers can handle strong abrasion.


  • Cargo net: The Orca Coolers come with an attached cargo net for extra storage.
  • Internal Basket: The internal basket is provided by Orca for extra storage and an organizer.
  • Ice Box: Ice boxes can be added to your cooler by paying some extra amount for easy use.
  • Pad: A cooling pad can be bought to keep the food and drinks chilled and edible.

Orca Soft Side Cooler Tote

The soft side coolers are ideal for a day outing or a party. This type of cooler is easy to carry and is quite handy.  This looks stylish as it comes in many vibrant colors. The soft side coolers come with an additional pocket in the front of the cooler to keep your keys, wallet, cell phone, etc. These portable coolers are very convenient for day-to-day use.


  • The open magnetic split handle helps in the easy opening and closing of the cooler.
  • Integrated insulated walls on the inner side of the cooler keep the ice retention for longer hours.
  • The outer material is made up of double-denier material. keeping the cooler durable and stylish.
  • Soft-sided cooler’s inner and outer pocket is waterproof.
  • Its shoulder strap is cushioned and padded for comfort. These foam-padded coolers can also be used as floating coolers
  • The bottom of the cooler is padded for toughness and is leakproof of the cooler.
  • Its dimension L*B*H is 15″ * 9.5″ * 15.25″
  • The total dry weight is 3.6 lbs.
  • Max load that it can carry is 50 lbs.
  • This can carry an average of 18 cans with ice included.
  • It can hold ice for more than 24 hours without melting
  • The tote has an ideal height to keep the wine bottle.
  • It can carry 20 lbs of ice at once.


In what size do Orca Coolers come?

It comes in (20, 26,40, 58, 75, 120, 140) quarts.

Which Orca cooler can be carried by one person?

The 20 and 26-quart capacity cooler can be carried by one person.

Are Orca Coolers like Yeti?

Yes, they are similar to the Orca soft-side coolers.

Is Orca Ice Chest any good?

Yes, it is good and the ice life is pretty good.

Does Orca coolers are available on Amazon online?

Yes, it is available on many online sites including Amazon.

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