Icemule Coolers Review In 2023 : Read Our Reviews Of Classic, Pro and Boss Series

Icemule Cooler

Icemule has taken over the cooler industry with its new design and innovative coolers. Earlier, the perception of coolers was quite different. Something quite heavy to carry, something you can sit upon. With the coming of Icemule in the industry, such perception about coolers vanished suddenly when they introduced soft-sided coolers. The soft Icemule coolers are soft in their names, but there remains a toughness in their build and quality. At the same time, holding the Icemule coolers almost seems weightless. Check out our reviews of Icemule Coolers, along with features and product line up. Our reviews will definitely help you in picking the best cooler for your next adventure.

Categories Across the Icemule Coolers


A plethora of options is available to choose your desired cooler that meets your specifications. For the time being, the Icemule majorly deals in three types of coolers along with some gears and accessories. Let’s check out what Icemule has to offer in its Cooler series:

  • Classic
  • Pro
  • Boss

One can find a different option across these series depending on the size, color, storage requirement. Let’s get a tad familiar with these series and products.

Icemule Classic Coolers


Icemule Classic Coolers are compact and portable coolers that give a long-lasting ice retention period. The Polar Layer Insulation keeps your food and beverages cold for more than 24 hours. Quite Impressive, I guess. The IM Airwave technology installed in the coolers gives more insulation, thus keeping the ice as ice for more duration. What’s making it more interesting is the fact that these cooler are waterproof. There evokes no problem of any leakage, and thus, carrying such a portable cooler feels weightless. One can choose from the three available sizes depending upon their use and requirement, i.e., Small, Medium, Large. These cooler bags are available in a variety of colors. Icemule Classic Ice Chest has a capacity of 10 liters, 15 liters, and 20 liters.

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Icemule Pro Coolers


Icemule Pro Coolers outsmart the Icemule Classic coolers in terms of the size since they are supersized over the Icemule Classic Coolers. With the Icemule Classic Coolers being limited to 20 Litres, the Icemule Pro coolers surpass them. The Icemule Pro Coolers have a capacity of 23 Litres, 33 Litres, and 40 Litres. Apart from their sizes, what distinguishes them from the  Icemule Classic coolers is double padded straps.

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Icemule Boss coolers


The Icemule Boss, the ultimate Cooler as called by the Icemule itself, comes in one size. This Ultimate Cooler has a capacity of 30 Litres. With the spacious room available, you can store your ham sandwich, beer, and everything you want to carry along with you. Built with mule skin fabric, the Icemule Boss cooler seems tougher, durable, and strong.

Features of Icemule Coolers

With the introduction of Icemule coolers, the perception of coolers suddenly changed. What makes Icemule Coolers so different from the rest of the brands? What’s more, there to find out that it’s a unique approach. Let’s find out: Icemule’s Proprietary Technology, the science behind your ice stays as ice, and your drinks remain cold. Let’s be familiar with this science.

  • Tough Build First, the Icemule coolers are built with MuleskinET fabric that gives the coolers a tough interior layer that shields the elements to enter the coolers.
  • Polar Layer Insulation – Besides the Icemule’s Proprietary Technology, the Icemule brags about the Polar Layer Insulation foam that keeps your food and drinks cold for over 24 hours. What makes it more interesting is the IM Airwave. The IM Airwave allows the air to enter the cooler.
  • IM Airwave This addition of the air inside the cooler through IM Airwave increases the insulation capacity of the Icemule Coolers, and they retain ice for more hours. This is what you normally find in the Icemule Classic Cooler.
  • Double Padded Straps The thing worth noticing when it comes to the Icemule Pro Series is its supersizes capable of holding 23 liters, 33 liters, and 43 liters. Further, there is an addition of double padded straps so that the Icemule Coolers can be thrown on the shoulders and weigh less than the paper.
  • Storage Coming to the Icemule Boss series, the Ultimate Cooler boasts of the spacious room it offers. This one size series has the capacity to hold 30 liters. The roughness, toughness, durability, and strength is worth noticing. The additional storage pockets along with the spacious room it offers seem like another attribute.

Icemule Coolers Comparison

The most important thing while shopping is getting options and choices. When you get the right options, you can easily compare the features of different products. So, take a look at the category-wise comparison of different Icemule coolers.

Icemule Classic Coolers- Comparison

ModelICEMULE Classic MiniICEMULE Classic SmallICEMULE Classic MediumICEMULE Classic Large
Dimensions14″ x 7.5″16″ x 8″16″ x 10″16″ x 12″
Capacity9L / 6 Cans10L / 6 Cans15L / 12 Cans20L / 18 Cans
Ice retentionup to 10 hoursup to 11 hoursup to 13 hoursup to 17 hours
  • Mobility and StrengthThe mobility factor live to our expectations. Easy to carry, strongly built, toughness is something that has left the customers wonderstruck. The technology installed, such as  MuleskinET fabric, double padded straps in the Pro series that are the support system of Icemule’s Proprietary Technology protects the cooler from any harmful elements, the fabric is so strong provides strength and durability to the Icemule Ice Chest. While the rest of the soft coolers do not have such durability and strength. The stitches cannot hold the fabric for a longer duration. This mobility and strength factor really amazed us.
  • Ice-LifeIf you vent out on a journey for a single day to have some break from your routine, you will find your ice as ice when you carry the Icemule Cooler along with you. First, the Icemule coolers use the Polar Layer Insulation foam that promises to keep your beverages cold for 24 hours. Besides this Polar Layer Insulation foam, the Icemule coolers are built with  IM Airwalve. The sole purpose of the IM Airwave is to provide high insulation. The  IM Airwave adds air inside the coolers, and consequently, the insulation period increases. We have already talked about the ice retention period in Icemule Ice Chest.
  • Portable and CompactIcemule Coolers are manufactured in such a way that they almost feel weightless. Carrying the Icemule Coolers is so easy that the double padded straps attached to it can be put on the shoulder, and you can not even feel the weight. Along with this, you can find easy-snap-buckle that the Icemule coolers brag about. With the Easy snap buckle, you can keep the cooler closed and prevent harmful elements from entering the coolers.
  • WarrantyDespite the strong, tough offering by Icemule, the one thing that got us underwhelmed is its warranty period. Icemule offers a 90 day warranty period on its coolers across the different series. That’s the sole thing which has become one of the major cons of the Icemule coolers. In comparison, the rest of the brands offer more warranty period than offered by the Icemule. For example, we talk about Yeti, one of the most premium brands in the cooler industry, gives 3 month warranty period on the soft coolers.

Icemule Pro Coolers- Comparison

ModelIcemule Pro Large CoolerIcemule Pro X-Large CoolerIcemule Pro XXL Cooler
Storage23L / 18 cans + ice33L / 24 cans + ice40L / 36 cans + ice
Dimensions17″ x 11″ x 14″20″ x 11″ x 14″ 23″ x 11″ x 14″
Ice retentionup to 18 hoursup to 22 hoursup to 26 hours
Weight3.2 lbs 3.5 lbs 3.8 lbs
  • Portable – The Icumule Pro Coolers are more portable. Being so lightweight, these ice chests can be carried anywhere. In addition to this, these coolers come with shoulder straps that perfectly fit your shoulders, and you can roam around with some other equipment.
  • Durable and Water Proof – The Icemule Pro cooler brags about durability and toughness. These coolers can suffer-normal tear and wear. In addition to this, these coolers are waterproof. So, this means that you need not bother about rainstorms or water spilling on the coolers. These coolers will keep your food or beverages safe every time.
  • Icemule Pro Coolers Ice Life – Excelling in offering the maximum Ice Life is something that the Icemule must focus on if the Icemule wants to top the industry. Claiming it to give over 24 hours of ice life, Let’s determine whether the claim is justified and live up to our expectations. The Icemule Pro Series offers up to 24 hours of ice life, depending upon the model and size. The Icemule Pro Large offers up to 20 hours of Ice retention, while Ice Pro X large and XX-Large offers up to 24 hours of ice life and, in some cases, more than 24 hours.

Some of the Best Icemule Coolers

Below, we are compiling up the list of best Icemule coolers across each of the categories. You can choose the best for you depending on your specifications or budget, filtering out the various factors such as price, storage, and ice retention.

ModelIcemule BossIcemule Pro Cooler X largeIcemule Classic Medium CoolerIcemule Classic Small Cooler
Ice retention18-24 hours17-23 hours10-13 hours7-11 hours
Price$ 299.95$ 95.99$ 59.95$ 49.95

Overall Ratings

To sum up, Icemule Coolers are much durable, tough, and strong to face any outburst of mother nature you vent out on a journey. Further, the ice retention period of the Icemule coolers does not live up to our expectations, but that highly depends upon the model and series you choose. The larger model has a larger ice-retention period. The ice retention period in smaller models is not just bad. Across the soft cooler category, we are quite impressed by the mobility of the Icemule Coolers. We highly recommend you to consider Icemule Ice Chest if you are just a novice in this industry and want to explore some basic, simple, yet effective features.

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Customer’s FAQ’s

How Are Icemule coolers designed?

Icemule coolers are designed using a method called radio-frequency welding. They focus on the quality, strength, and durability of these coolers so that they can withstand anything that’s thrown at them. In fact, these cooler bags are resistant to water. These coolers are designed using a heavy-duty material that adds to the strength of these coolers. These coolers are anything but extraordinary than an average soft-sided cooler.

For How Long Can These Coolers Retain Ice?

Depending upon the cooler you choose, the ice retention of icemule coolers vary. You will get ice retention for 24 hours in some coolers, wherein in the Boss series, you will get ice retention for multiple days.

How To Clean & Store Icemule coolers?

It is essential to clean your cooler to get the most out of these coolers. Well, while camping, if you have only put ice inside the bag, pour the ice and let it hang to dry. Apart from that, if you have loaded content inside the cooler bag, it is essential to hose it using liquid soap. So, before you embark on your next trip, make sure to clean the cooler well.

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