Grizzly Coolers Review : A Detailed & Comprehensive Rundown

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Grizzly Coolers is one of the dominating product manufactured by the Grizzly. Apart from this, Grizzly deals in Drinkware, Gears, and many other products. Grizzly is now becoming a prominent name in the Cooler industry. With its huge and impressive product line up, Grizzly offers something unique and innovative for performance. Grizzly coolers are certainly the right choice for people who don’t want to spend hefty shells but, at the same time, do not want to compromise with the features. These coolers come in different sizes, which means you can take your pick depending upon your requirement.

Grizzly has become a go-to-brand for camping coolers among the hunters and fishermen, particularly. Perhaps, they might not be as popular as Yeti, but these have certainly raised the bar when it comes to manufacturing high-end rotomolded coolers. With a wide variety of coolers to choose from across several categories, you will find what you need – in terms of storage capacity, features, and of course, Price will not be a concern anymore. Take a look at Grizzly’s range of product line up and how do they compare with each other.

Grizzly Product Line up

Grizzly mainly deals in the Grizzly Coolers. Earlier, they focussed on only Hard-sided Coolers, but now, with time, they have diversified their product line up, and you can choose soft-sided coolers as well. These coolers are suitable for people who take a long break from their routine work or have a great enthusiasm for adventure.

Hard-Sided Coolers

Grizzly offers a plethora of options under its category of Hard-Sided Coolers. You can choose from a wide variety of products. All these hard-sided coolers come in many vibrant colors, so you can choose whichever makes you happy. Moreover, these coolers have a great ice retention life and superior build quality.

Here’s the list of coolers manufactured by Grizzly:

  • Grizzly Cooler 15
  • Grizzly Cooler 20
  • Grizzly Cooler 40
  • Grizzly Cooler 60
  • Grizzly Cooler 75
  • Grizzly Cooler 100
  • Grizzly Cooler 165
  • Grizzly Cooler 400

    No products found.

For more Hard Sided Grizzly Coolers, visit Here.

Soft-Sided Coolers

grizzly drifter soft sided cooler lineup

Soft-sided coolers, known as Drifter, come in only two sizes. So, you are limited in your choice. You can choose from Drifter 12 and Drifter 20 manufactured by Grizzly. Moreover, the color choice is limited as well. You can only choose among five colors, i.e., Black/Gunmetal and Green/Black/Orange.

No products found.

Grizzly Coolers Feature

Grizzly currently deals in different sizes of the hard-sided cooler. So, you won’t be disappointed with the sizes of coolers offered by the Grizzly. Let’s unveil the features of Grizzly Hard Sided Coolers.

  • Rotomold Design – Designed with the rotomolded design, the Grizzly Ice chest is made from rotational-molded LLDPE Plastic that can withstand the toughest situation. Moreover, the integrated hinge is built with an integrated interlocking design to makes them more durable and stronger.
  • Ice LifeTalking about ice life, Grizzly ice chests offer superb ice retention. This is because of a silicon rubber gasket that captures the cold air inside the cooler and let go of the heat in the normal surroundings. The coolers come with the pressure injected with up to two inches of polyurethane foam that further enhances coolers’ ice retaining ability.
  • Tie Down Slot For mobility, Grizzly Coolers come with the Tie-down slot. Using the tie-down slot, it becomes painless to carry or move the cooler back and forth. What all you have to do is to attach the tie with the slot. No matter where you go, you can attach the cooler to the truck or the boat. Coming to the grip, the Bearclaw Latch comes a savior.
  • Bearclaw Latch The  Bearclaw Latch is user-friendly, replaceable latches that give bear-like great grip. So, the handling becomes much more convenient. Besides BearClaw Latch, the Grizzly Coolers come with a shoulder strap and side handles so that you no longer get prone to any sort of back problem or injury.

Grizzly Hard Sided Coolers Review and Comparison

Let’s check out what each of the coolers has to offer to us. A brief comparison among the Grizzly Ice Chest will unveil some of the crucial information.

Model Dimensions (inches)WeightCapacityWarrantyBear Proof
Grizzly Cooler 1514.2 x 19 x 11.5 11.25 pounds16 QuartLifetimeYes
Grizzly Cooler 2015 x 20 x 21 16 pounds20-quartLifetimeYes
Grizzly Cooler 4015 x 25 x 21 24 pounds40 QuartLifetimeYes
Grizzly Cooler 6018 x 12 x 31 28 pounds60 quartLifetimeYes
Grizzly Cooler 7518 x 33.2 x 18 33 pounds75 quartLifetimeYes
Grizzly Cooler 10018 x 37 x 20 15 pounds100 quartLifetimeYes
Grizzly Cooler 16519x47x22 62 pounds165 quartLifetimeYes
Grizzly Cooler 40054x30x32 91 pounds400 QuartLifetimeYes
  • Mobility Grizzly Coolers are designed in a way that it becomes so painless to carry the cooler. For mobility, the Grizzly Ice chests come with the Tie-down slot, and you can attach it with your truck or boat whenever you set up on any adventure. Moreover, the Grizzly Ice chest comes with side handles and a shoulder strap. So, you can carry it on your shoulders when you feel your hand can’t hold more stuff. To enrich the experience, the Bearclaw Latches offer a superior and strong grip.
  • Visual AppearanceVisual Appearance is another thing that was focussed on by the Grizzly. With a lot more choices, the customer has experienced a colorful journey. From simple, sobber to many bright colors, you can choose the color you can cherish for a lifetime. You can choose Olive Drab Green, Orange, Red, Sandstone, Seafoam Green, Tan, White, Lime, Teal, and Grey.
  • CostYou will probably be wondering about the price of the Grizzly Coolers. Grizzly Ice chests are expensive, and they come under the premium price tag. They offer premium specifications and features. The rock-solid build quality is another responsible factor for such a price tag. But, we feel is that the price asked by the Grizzly is fair enough. Given the fact that they are IGBC Certified and offer a lifetime warranty, justify the Grizzly Coolers’ price.
  • Insulation abilityGrizzly Ice chests stand out of the crowd when it comes to ice retaining capacity. The silicon rubber gasket creates a solid seal between the lid and the rest of the body. It captures the cold air and does not let it escape into the surrounding. Despite this, the rotomolded design also extends the insulation ability of Grizzly Coolers.  Two inches of polyurethane foam that comes designed in the cooler is another reason for the impressive ice capability.

Grizzly Ice chest Review in terms of Ice Retention

Grizzly coolers ice retention life

Designed with rotomolded technology and great hardware, Grizzly Hard-Sided Coolers brag about their ice-retention ability. Their small ice chest models have a great ice life. Imagine what their larger models are capable of doing? You can’t imagine, I guess. So, let’s check out the ice-life of Grizzly Hard Sided Coolers:


Ice Life

Grizzly Cooler 15

50-53 hours

Grizzly Cooler 20

55- 60 hours

Grizzly Cooler 40

75-95 hours

Grizzly Cooler 60

99- 115 hours

Grizzly Cooler 75

117-148 hours

Grizzly Cooler100

148-165 hours

Grizzly Cooler 165

200-230 hours

Grizzly Cooler 400

245-270 hours

Grizzly Coolers perform well in terms of Ice retaining capacity. They are your perfect companion for any long journey. With their impressive ice retaining capacity, Grizzly Ice chests have outshined other premium brands.

Some of the Best Grizzly Hard-Sided Coolers

There is a listing of the best grizzly hard-sided coolers that we find are delightful.


Grizzly 40

Grizzly 20

Grizzly 20 Drifter

Grizzly Drifter 12






Ice Life

75-95 hours

55-70 hours

12-20 hours

6-14 hours






Where can you buy Grizzly Coolers?

We have defined the features of Grizzly Coolers that makes it interesting. Impressed by the features, you might be wondering about buying the purchase. So, if you have made up your mind to buy the Grizzly Ice chests, we recommend you to get them from the website of Amazon. Amazon is offering the coolers at best possible minimum value. You can also get to know about the ratings given to these coolers. Go to the Amazon website click this below button:

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Apart from this, you can buy these coolers from the original store of Grizzly Coolers or the official website of Grizzly.

Final Thoughts

To sum up,  Our Grizzly Coolers Review portrayed that Grizzly Coolers offer powerful performance in building quality and design. Besides this, these coolers’ Ice retaining capacity gives them a lead over the other rival brands. These coolers have the best ice retaining capacity in the market. Being a tad expensive than the other, not everyone can afford it. So, we advise you if you plan to buy a cooler without being bothered about the money, Grizzly Cooler is the best option available to you in the market.

We have also come with reviews of other brands. You can read the reviews of your favorite brands here:

We are always there to help you out. Feel free to reach out. Do let us know what are you planning to buy for your next camping trip?

FAQ’s for Grizzly Coolers

For How Long Grizzly Coolers can retain ice?

Grizzly coolers are really tough, and they can survive the heat of the sun easily. Grizzly coolers can easily retain ice for at least 6 days. Well, there’s a catch. Various factors can impact the life of ice packed in the coolers. The packed ice depends upon the temperature, where you have kept it, how frequently you are opening it, and many other factors. If you take care of these things, you’ll be able to make the most out of these coolers.

How are Grizzly Coolers made?

Grizzly coolers are made using a process called Roto-molded. Rotomolded coolers are the hallmark of the best, tough and durable coolers. Well, Grizzly coolers are also built using the roto-molding process, which ensures that these coolers are quite tough, strong, and durable, withstands any collapse. Besides providing toughness and strength, the rotomolded construction is another reason these coolers have a great ice life.

Are Grizzly Coolers bear-resistant?

Grizzly coolers are IGBC Bear Resistant certified, which ensures that these coolers can easily withstand bears’ attack. These coolers are real-life tested, and they have passed the test, hence, getting certified as bear-resistant.

What are some of the popular products that Grizzly Sells?

Grizzly has a range of products to meet your daily needs as well as camping needs. Grizzly has an impeccable collection of Hard-sided coolers, soft-sided coolers, tumblers, bottles, mugs, and other camping gears as well.

Is it safe to use dry ice in these coolers?

You can use Dry Ice in your Cooler. Before you use dry ice, remember to take major precautions not to hurt yourself while putting dry ice inside the coolers. Moreover, dry ice keeps the temperature inside the cooler colder for a longer time as it melts slowly than regular ice.

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