Engel Cooler Reviews In 2020 (October) : Engel Vs Yeti Coolers Review

Engel Coolers

Engel has earned a great reputation for manufacturing best and high- quality coolers. Launched in Japan in 1962, it has served the customers for more than 60 years. Driven by their passion, they offer premium features under the non-premium price tag. Crafted meticulously, these coolers have managed to offer the outdoorsmen with a cathartic release. Below is our detailed comparison of Engel Coolers and we have personally reviewed these coolers to know how well they perform, taking everything into our consideration.

Product Line Up by Engel

Engel Hard Sided Coolers

You can choose from a wide variety of coolers under these two categories which are known as Rotomolded Coolers and Drybox. Your search for an ideal cooler will definitely end here.

Engel Hard Sided Rotomolded Coolers

Engel has a great collection of products that are absolutely amazing. You can find the Hard- Sided Coolers, soft-sided coolers. Moreover, Engel has covered you if you are looking for the different sizes of coolers. You can find ENG 25, Eng 35, Eng 45, Eng 50, Eng 65, Eng 80, Eng 85, Eng 123, Eng 165, Eng 240, Eng 320. Besides this, their coolers are available in beautiful colors that will have your heart.

Engel ENG25 High Performance Cooler -...
99 Reviews
Engel ENG25 High Performance Cooler -...
  • "IGBC Certified Bear Resistant Container" - molded on rear lid of cooler
  • Up to 10 days Ice Retention
  • Dry ice compatible
  • Durable seamless rotationally-molded construction
  • First and original high performance cooler
  • Sizes from 25 to 320 available
ENGEL ENG65 High Performance Cooler -...
196 Reviews
ENGEL ENG65 High Performance Cooler -...
  • Best in class ice retention and overall performance, holds ice for up to 10 days
  • Rotationally molded with 2 inches of high density closed-cell polyurethane insulation all...
  • IGBC Certified bear resistant container - when 2 locks used
  • Silicone airtight gasket, adjustable recessed marine grade compression latches and...
  • Dry Ice compatable. Non-Marking rubber feet. 10 year warranty
  • 10 year warranty

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Engel Hard Sided Coolers/ Drybox

Under the Hard Sided Coolers, Engel deals in Drybox series as well. You can find plenty of coolers under this category. These coolers come in different sizes and storage capacities that will definitely meet your requirements. The ice chests have a great ice retention capacity and they are strongly built. So, the questions about durability and longevity do not arise. You can choose from Engel 13 QT, Engel 19 QT, Engel 30 QT.

Engel UC19 Ice/Dry Box, White
2,563 Reviews
Engel UC19 Ice/Dry Box, White
  • Keeps food and drinks cold and doubles as a dry box - keeping out moisture and/or dust...
  • Features a unique airtight EVA gasket around the lid - for excellent ice retention and a...
  • Features a recessed central carry handle in the lid & integrated adjustable shoulder...
  • All fittings secured with stainless steel screws. Rear hinges are self stopping. Front...
  • Non-Absorbent surfaces are easy to clean and are stain and odor resistant.
ENGEL Cooler/Dry Box with 4 Rod Holders...
96 Reviews

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Engel Soft Sided Coolers

Coming to the Soft-Sided Coolers, Engel has a great collection of Soft-sided coolers that come in different storage capacities. Engel promises to deliver the huge quality products that are sure to last long. You can choose from simple, sobber color to a much brighter color including camos.

Engel High Performance Backpack Cooler -...
54 Reviews
Engel High Performance Backpack Cooler -...
  • Unique feature is the 2 cold storage compartments - one can be dry for sandwiches, while...
  • Light weight, high performance. Keeps cold for up to 3 days
  • 3 Convenient ways to carry... Shoulder strap, oversized grab handles and as a traditional...
  • A benefit of the foil inner layer which acts like a space blanket. It reflects the suns...
  • Features multiple storage compartments on all sides with water resistant zippers.
Engel HD30 Waterproof Soft-Sided Cooler...
229 Reviews
Engel HD30 Waterproof Soft-Sided Cooler...
  • High performance soft sided cooler (hold ice up to 4 days).
  • Waterproof full length zipper for easy access and front accessory pocket.
  • Patent pending vacuum valve technology - improves insulation performance
  • Rugged TPU outer wall construction. This cooler has a capacity of 32Qts
  • Includes ergonomic shoulder strap, bottle opener and zipper lube.

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Features of Engel Cooler

  • Huge Storage Space – Engel is a big name in the cooler industry. Being known for its quality product, Engel has great potential to be the market leader in the cooler industry. Your problem of storage dissipates when you own an Engel Cooler. With the huge storage room, you can pack up your back for the full weekend. There’s really a lot of space and that is quite impressive.
  • Rotomold Design  Engel designs the toughest and strong products in the industry. That’s the reason Engel has earned the reputation of providing a great quality product. Featuring roto mold design, these coolers can withstand any calamity, coming their way. The name “Rotomolded design” is enough to show how tough the coolers are.
  • Great Ice retaining Capacity – What matters most while looking for a cooler is the ice retaining capacity of the cooler. Engel cooler has got your covered in this aspect. You will find a thick insulated wall that is made up of polyurethane. So, Ice retention will not be a great issue when it comes to ice life provided by the Engel Coolers.
  • ArcticVault Gasket Besides this, the ArcticVault Gasket that comes with the Engel Ice Chest creates a strong seal between the lid and the rest of the body. It allows the cold air to stay inside the cooler and the hot air gets out in the surrounding.
  • CornerStone Feet – The Engel Coolers come with the Corner Stone Feet. This allows the cooler to prevent touching the base. People who are scared of the scratches that their coolers might get won’t have to worry now. Moreover, the non-marking elevated feet that do not allow the cooler to touch the heat also enhances the ice retaining capacity of cooler. Considering the mobility, it thus becomes quite easy to move them back and forth without any burden.

Engel Hard Sided Coolers Comparison

One can find plenty of coolers in the hard-sided category of Engel Coolers. You can either choose from Engel Hard Sided Rotomold Coolers or Engel Dry Box Coolers. Whatever you choose, make sure that the cooler best meets your specifications and fits into your budget. Have a glance at the table for the quick insight into the Engel Hard Sided Rotomolded coolers and Engel Cooler Dry Box

Engel Hard Sided Rotomolded Cooler Comparison

Exterior Dimension20.25x14x14.2529.25×16.75×16.7541.5×18.25×18.2561.75×21.87×22.87
Interior Dimensions14×9.5×9.524x12x1232.5×13.5×13.3756.37x18x17.25
Weight18 lbs26 lbs42 lbs89 lbs
Storage24 cans70 cans130 cans441 cans

Engel Cooler Dry Box Comparison

ModelENGEL 19QT Cooler/ Dry BoxENGEL 13QT Cooler/ Dry BoxENGEL 30 QT Cooler/ Dry Box
Exterior Dimensions16.5x11x1315″ x 10″ x 11″19.5×12.5×14.5
Interior Dimension13.5x8x1012″ x 7″ x 8.5″16.5×9.5×11.5
Weight5.5 lbs3.5 lbs7 lbs
Storage19 quarts13 quarts 30 quarts
  • Durability Engel manufactures the toughest and strong coolers. The durability of Engel Coolers is not even questionable. The Engel coolers are designed with the rotomolded technology that makes it more durable, indestructible. Whether you sit and relax on the cooler or make it prone to some accident, you will not see anything worth regretting.
  • Mobility For the purpose of mobility, these coolers come with the side ropes and handles. The absence of hard wheels to make carrying or moving the cooler more convenient feel deeply. There might be times you have to carry the coolers on the shoulders which seems too much pain. But we can’t anything about it unless the Engel starts focussing more on the mobility.
  • Appearance There are a plethora of options to choose from that fit your standard sizes. Moreover, these coolers come in beautiful and vivid colors that will give you another sort of joy. You can choose from White, Tan, Haze Grey, Seafoam, Arctic Blue, and Camo. These coolers are aesthetically appealing. Engel does not offer customization you have to be content with what is being offered to you. No personal design, no personal pattern or color will be offered to you.
  • Cost With the premium features being offered, the Engel Ice Chest is relatively cheaper under the category of premium brands. While the other brands charge much higher for similar features, Engel coolers come as a saviour for those who are looking for a relatively cheaper price tag.
  • Insulation Ability Designed with the rotomolded technology, the Engel coolers can retain the ice more than your expectations. Besides this, the 2-inch insulated wall that is made up of polyurethane expands the ice life by capturing the cold air inside the cooler. Insulation ability is also influenced by the ArcticVault Gasket that creates a strong seal between the lid and the rest of the body. We have already talked about the ice retaining capacity of all the coolers. We are much impressed by the insulation ability of Engel Ice Chest.

Engel Soft Sided Coolers Comparison

Now, we are well familiar with the Hard Sided Coolers of Engel and how these coolers differ from each other. Apart from manufacturing Hard Sided Coolers, Engel deals in Soft Sided Coolers as well. Let’s come to find out the comparison among the Soft Sided Coolers.

ModelEngel Cooler HD 30Engel Cooler Prym 1Engel High-Performance Backpack
Exterior Dimensions20x10x1619x8x17.519x8x17.5
Interior Dimensions18×7.5×13
Weight7.5 pounds4 pounds4 pounds
Storage32 quarts23 quarts23 quarts
  • Thick Layer Insulation- The soft-sided coolers come with 1-inch of the thick layer that is responsible for the ice retaining capacity of coolers. The thick layer captures and lock the cold air inside the cooler and does not let it escape into the normal surroundings. This is due to the thick layer insulation foam that keeps the ice-cold for a longer period of time.
  • Strong Build- The soft-sided coolers are build using 500-denier polyester that is wear-resistant and rugged. The importance of build quality is realized when you find yourself surrounded by plants and trees and there is a higher chance of coolers to tear out.
  • High Storage Capacity- High Storage Capacity of soft-sided coolers is another impressive thing about the soft-sided coolers. These coolers have great storage capacity and you won’t run out of space. Even the smaller models have the storage capacity of 23 quarts and as you move on to larger models, you will definitely find the storage capacity that you need the most.

Engel Coolers – Ice Retention Life

Engel Coolers are the toughest, strongest products manufactured by the Engel. These build qualities are not sufficient when someone steps out to purchase a cooler. If a brand has to top the market, the coolers must have a great ice retention period. Let’s check how the Engel Cooler performs when it comes to ice retention life.

Engel Coolers has the greatest ice life. For those who want to go on a trip for a week, the Engel Coolers is your perfect companion. With more than 8 days of the ice retention period, the Engel has shaken the cooler industry. The toughest cooler offers the toughest performance. We are pretty much amazed by the ice retention of Engel Coolers. Let’s check the ice life of various Engel Cooler models.

Model Ice Life
Engel 2550-55 hours
Engel 3552-65 hours
Engel 4570-88 hours
Engel 5077-99 hours
Engel 6580-105 hours
Engel 8095-114 hours
Engel 85100-125 hours
Engel 123125- 140 hours
Engel 165135- 165 hours
Engel 240155- 180 hours
Engel 320170- 210 hours

Since we all know that due to the climatic variations, you might see some variations in the ice retaining capacity. The ice retaining capacity is also influenced by some other factors such as the quantity of ice put inside the cooler, the number of times the cooler was open. Engel 25, the smallest model, has great ice retaining while Engel 320 can retain the ice for more than a week.

Engel vs Yeti Coolers – Who Wins The Battle?

These two are the two most established brands in the industry. When you buy their products, you can be assured of the high-quality products which are durable as well. It’s just a matter of personal preferences where you lay your hands. Below, we have personally reviewed these two coolers to give you a better and in-depth analysis of these coolers and how well they perform. You will get a better idea about how these cooler are different from each other and what aspects make them differ from each other. We had some benchmark set already and we have compared these coolers according to those parameters.

1. Design

Engel Deep Blue coolers come with 2 inches of thick insulation to maximize the cooling performance of this ice chest and to retain ice for several days. These ice chests are able to retain ice for up to 10 days. You get 2 inches of insulation throughout the entire body including side, bottom as well.

Yeti Coolers are incorporated with fat wall construction which is the reason that they have great insulation capacity. Apart from that, Yeti Tundra coolers come with Pressure-injected Permafrost insulation which keeps the ice frozen for days. Depending upon the weather, these coolers will keep your ice frozen for 5 days to 14 days.

2. Size and Capacity

Engel Cooler comes in 9 different sizes and you can choose from your personal preferences. Whether you are looking for a small cooler or a big cooler, these coolers will definitely meet your needs. You are sure to find what you are looking for. You get 25, 35, 50, 65, 80, 123, 165, 240, 320 quart ice chests.

On the other hand, Yeti has a wide assortment of Yeti Tundra coolers when compared with Engel. Yeti Tundra coolers capacity also extends larger than Engel ice chests and the biggest cooler you can get from Yeti is 420 Quart. You can pick from 20, 35, 45, 50, 65, 75, 105, 110, 125, 160, 210, 250, 350, 420 quart.

3.) Construction

Both, Engel Ice chests and Yeti coolers are designed using rotomolded construction. Rotomolded design is the hallmark of the best quality in the industry. Today’s best coolers are designed using rotomolded construction which adds to the strength of these coolers. These coolers are virtually indestructible and in fact, can be used as a step stool or a seat since they can hold up good against heavyweight as well. These coolers are sturdily built to last for ages.

4.) Portability

Engel Ice chest features nylon rope handles with a plastic grip for comfortable portage. Being plastic, it becomes quite difficult for campers to put their hands in a comfortable position while carrying this cooler. You don’t have the flexibility to change the position of your hands. Your hands are surely going to hurt if you are going to carry it for long.

Yeti coolers are incorporated with nylon rope handles with rubber grip for easy carrying. The addition of rubber grip makes it easy for campers to move cooler from one place to another with ease even while covering a large distance. This is one of the nicest things that Yeti coolers come with.

5.) Warranty 

Investing in a quality cooler can cost you a fortune and that’s why you need a cooler that comes with a warranty in case any damage is done or you receive a damaged product.

When it comes to warranty, Engel gives a 3-year warranty on their coolers. On the other hand, when you buy a Yeti Cooler, you get 5 years of warranty. They cover every little thing – from the body to menial things like rubber, latches, and more.

Where can you buy Engel Coolers?

So, if you are looking for the right spot to buy the Engel Coolers, we recommend you to visit the Amazon website. Amazon is the only website that’s providing the Engel Ice Chest at the best minimum price. Moreover, all the different sizes and different colors of the coolers are available to be grabbed only at Amazon. You can expect free and fast shipping from Amazon. There are more possible chances that you might save some money to put it to use somewhere else.

Buy on Amazon

Even if you wish to buy from the original store, you can visit the website of Engel Coolers and grab your desired model. If you want to know more about the coolers, there are a lot of reviews made by people on Amazon as well as Engel’s website.

Final Thoughts

Engel coolers give a tough competition to the other premium brands. The coolers come with the premium features and they boast of ice retention, strong build quality. We are pretty amazed by the durability and exceptional ice retaining the capacity of the coolers. There are many other brands that provide similar features at the much higher price and this is where the Engel Cooler takes the lead. Keeping the price factor in mind, they are offering coolers at an “affordable price”.

If you have loved our review about the Engel Coolers, we have also reviewed the coolers of other brands. You can read the reviews of the coolers here:

Feel free to reach us out. In case if you want some suggestions or want us to review a particular cooler, we would be more than pleased to connect with you.

FAQ’s for Engel Coolers

For how long these coolers can keep stuff cold?

Engel coolers are designed using roto-molded construction which gives these coolers a lead when it comes to ice retention capability. These coolers can keep your stuff cold for up to 10 days. Well, the performance of the coolers can vary depending upon the temperature, how you use them, and other climate factors. There is always an uncertainty- for how long these coolers can keep your stuff cold.

Does Engle provide Cooler customization?

Yes, you can customize your cooler. Engel lets you reflect on your personal taste. You can customize your logo- no matter whether you have soft coolers or hard coolers or dry boxes. For more information about their customized program, you can visit their website.

What products does Engel sell?

Well, there are a number of products that you can buy from Engel. From hard-sided coolers to soft-sided coolers to dry boxes, Engel has got you covered. The brand deals in a range of hard-sided coolers that come in different sizes. You can choose from different colors of coolers to reflect your personal styles. Soft-sided coolers are designed with materials that make it more durable. Engel soft-sided coolers are so durable that they can withstand any scratches easily. They also have a range of dry box coolers that will keep your items hot and cold.

How to make the most out of your cooler?

There are many factors that can impact the life of ice, food, beverages but it is essential to know how to make the most out of your cooler.

  • Try to keep your food and drinks cool before putting them inside the cooler. This will help the cooler to work more efficiently.
  • Another very important thing to keep in mind is to use dry ice. The solid carbon dioxide lasts more than normal ice. Hence it maintains the temperature inside the cooler.
  • To make the most out of your coolers, you must know that you should always avoid opening the cooler frequently and keep it away from the sunlight.

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