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Coolers with wheel

Anyone who has been a frequent traveler knows how difficult it is to carry camping coolers. So, now is the time to switch to the wheeled coolers. While you stash your food and beverage inside the coolers, carrying them to the van or above the hills will become a whole lot of tiresome work. A cooler with a wheel can be your only savior when you are the only one performing all your tasks. For these good reasons, coolers with wheels are revered than contemporary coolers since they can mount on any terrain – plain or rugged. If you plan outdoor adventures, picnics, sports, or any other events frequently, then you must be aware of the troublesome dragging your cooler. Now, you don’t need to worry more about your coolers to carry for a long distance on your back.

We have picked the best-wheeled coolers so that you can enjoy your adventure without muss and fuss carrying heavyweight content in your coolers. Stay relax and feel comfortable carrying these portable coolers without stressing your body. As your body is not made to lift unnecessary loads, going with such portable coolers is the best way to go. Let’s find out what these coolers with wheels will deliver during your outdoor adventure or camping.  These coolers can easily mount on any terrain, whether plain or rough, and you can move them around effortlessly. 

Top 10 Best Cooler With Wheels Review

Many brands out there have started providing the “portability” thing to ensure that the campers make the most out of their camping trip. We have posted the top 10 best coolers with wheel reviews to better understand and for easy decision-making.

Coleman 42-Can Wheeled Soft Cooler With Hard Liner Reviews

coleman 42 can

Coleman 42-Can Soft Cooler on Wheels is easy to clean and comes with antimicrobials to make your cooler long-lasting and bacterial odor-free. It also helps the cooler to retain its shape and prevent forming fungus on detachable/removable liner.

It can hold up to 42 cans and offers a zippered compartment to retain the cooling. Coleman 42-Can Soft Cooler on Wheels prevents leaks through its heat-welded seams. It has great mobility – thanks to its telescoping handle and durable wheels. Side handles are amazing to add on for additional control.

This portable cooler on wheels includes – zippered pocket at the front, 2 side mesh pockets, a dry storage pouch to carry dry storage, and lid bungees for additional storage.


Dimensions – 21.3 x 12.6 x 11.4 inches

Weight – 7.4 pounds

Ice Retention – 2 days

Capacity – 21 Quart

Pros & Cons of Coleman 42-Can Wheeled Soft Cooler With Hard Liner

  • It comes with adjustable handles according to the user’s height.
  • Leak-Proof.
  • Offers Multiple Pockets.
  • Small Wheel Size
  • Not easy to pull on uneven terrain like sand.

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Igloo Ice Cube Maxcold Roller Reviews

Igloo ice cube roller

Igloo Ice Cube Maxcold comes with a high-quality tow handle and durable wheels for easy mobility. You’ll get the ice retention for a longer time – 5 days. This cooler comes with two reinforced handles to lift it and it is easy to clean. No worries about the bad smell and stain as it comes with the strain and odor-free interior lining.


Interior Dimension – 18.6 x 23.5 x 20.3 inches

Weight – 14.5 pounds

Capacity – 70 Quart

Ice Retention – 5 Days

Pros & Cons of Igloo Ice Cube Maxcold Roller

  • Sturdy design
  • Great storing capacity as compared to ordinary coolers
  • It comes with durable telescoping handles that are easy to use.
  • Ice-retention up to 5 days.
  • Using regular ice would make your food wet because of melting ice. To avoid, use a zippered bag to keep your food dry.
  • The pull handle is made up of plastic.

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Coleman Xtreme Series Wheeled Cooler Reviews

coleman xtreme series

Get enough space to store your beverages, food, and more with the Xtreme series wheeled cooler that helps you to keep away from soring back and arm pain. All you need to do just simply pull out the handle and wheels for easy mobility on any terrain to reach out to the destination with ease. It can hold up to 50 quarts.


Dimension – 23 x 18 x 18 inches

Weight – 2 pounds.

Capacity – 50 Quart

Ice Retention – 5 Days

Pros & Cons of Coleman Xtreme Series Wheeled Cooler

  • Great ice-retention for longer days
  • Side handles can be used for carrying it out from the car and pulling it over the sandy terrain.
  • Wheels are of good quality and durable enough to roll on plain and uneven terrain.
  • Wheels size is small to perform on sand or gravel. To avoid troublesome pulling use the side handles on such terrain.

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YETI Tundra Haul Portable Wheeled Cooler Reviews

YETI Tundra Haul

Yeti Wheeled cooler is made up of rotomolded construction that gives you additional protective covering and provides extreme rigidity. The Haul is the first cooler with wheels launched by the YETI. Perfect for taking the Tundra’s legendary toughness and unmatched insulation power the extra mile

Don’t hassle while dragging your cooler with the wheel on uneven and gravel terrain. The tires are rigid and puncture-resistant which would give long-lasting durability. It comes with a strong arm handle made up of aluminum that lasts long and offers the perfect grip. The curved design tracks left or right for heel-friendly towing.


Dimension – 28.2 x 18.6 x 19.5 inches

Weight – 32 pounds

Ice retention – 3 days

Capacity – 38 Quarts

Pros & Cons of YETI Tundra Haul Portable Wheeled Cooler

  • It comes with a convenient towing design
  • Ice retention up to 3 days
  • Arms are made up of welded aluminum.
  • It has permafrost insulation to restrain bacterial odor.
  • Bulky in size/heavyweight.

No products found.

Pelican Elite Coolers with Wheels

pelican elite cooler

Pelican Elite Cooler has the internal capacity to hold up to 45 quarts and it is made from fine quality polyethylene. If you’re a concern with the ice-retention then this cooler on wheels has a 2-inch covering of polyurethane along with the 360-degree freezer-grade that gives you ice-retention for up to 10 days.

It comes with splendid features such as bottle opener made up of stainless steel material, 3-inch locking latches, drain plug that is leakproof, molded handles & tie-down slots. Also, it offers non-skid rubber feet along with the reinforced lockable hasp and anti-shear hinge system.

Pelican Elite Coolers with Wheel is the USA made product that comes with the Pelican legendary lifetime guarantee. Break it and get it replaced!


Dimensions – 19 x 12 x 12 inches

Weight – 37.2 pounds

Ice-retention – Up to 10 days.

Capacity – 45 & 85 Quart

Pros & Cons of Pelican Elite Coolers with Wheels

  • It comes with a leakproof drain plug
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • It has non-skid rubber feet.
  • Heavy & Bulky
  • Prices are on the higher side.

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Igloo Trailmate Journey Reviews

igloo trailmate

Igloo Trailmate Journey is made of supreme plastic. Its inner portion has ultratherm insulation and lid that gives you amazing ice-retention up to 4 days. Igloo trailmate uses the telescopic handles which can be adjusted according to the user’s height. You can use this handle for serving food and beverages. You can put it back under the lid when the cooler is ideal.

Don’t hassle opening the bottles as it comes with 2 bottle openers. Enjoy the instant refreshment whenever you need it. Igloo Trailmate Journey has rigid and long-lasting wheels that measure 10 inches. It has splendid mobility on sand, uneven, or gravel surface. You will get the cup holders which are self drained and give you accessibility to reach your beverages at ease.


Dimensions – 34.59 x 19.7 x 23.61 inches.

Weight – 34.7 pounds

Ice-retention – Up to 4 days

Pros & Cons of Igloo Trailmate Journey

  • It comes with cup holders and bottle openers.
  • Offers butler tray & glide handles.
  • Great ice retention for up to 4 days.
  • 10 inches oversized wheels.
  • The Butler tray is not durable.

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Driftsun 70-Quart Wheeled Ice Chest Reviews

driftson 70 quart wheeled cooler

You will get the two wheels for easy mobility on The Driftsun 70 Quart Wheeled Ice Chest. Don’t worry about filling your cooler to the max; enjoy the easy portability with its durable wheels every time you plan for outdoor adventures. Note – We recommend not to fill your cooler more than the maximum limit as it can damage your cooler’s wheel.

Driftsun cooler with wheels offers amazing features such as nylon rope handles of military-grade, Non-slippery gorilla grip feet made up of rubber, pressure releasing valve. It has some additional features, such as lock plates and molded tie-down slots, recessed leak-resistant drain plug, 2 in build bottle openers, and much more.

If you want to get the most out of any cooler, then Driftson would be no less in delivering the best. It comprises 3 inches of rotomolded thermoplastic construction with tremendous cold seal latches made up of rubber. Enjoy the sunny weather at the beach or carry it on summer vacations; it comes all ready to expose the sun with UV protection. One of the best coolers with wheels for the beach. Enjoy the great ice-retention for longer days.


Dimensions (Exterior) – 33″x 16.5″ x 18″

Dimensions (Interior) – 27″ x 12″ x 14″

Weight – 34.5 lbs

Ice-retention – 7-10 days

Warranty – 1 year

Pros & Cons of Driftsun 70-Quart Wheeled Ice Chest

  • It is made up of 3 inches of Rotomolded Thermoplastic Construction
  • It comes with pressure release valve
  • Non-slip rubber feet.
  • Basket is not included, you have to buy it separately.
  • A bit heavy.

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Columbia Crater Peak Rolling Cooler Reviews

columbia crater

Columbia Crater Peak Rolling Cooler can hold up to 50 cans and it is made up of fine quality that offers SuperFoam insulation. One of the best small coolers with wheels available on the market. Don’t worry about the absorption of heat when exposed to the sun. It comes with the therma-flect radiant barrier that reflects the heat to store your food fresh and chill for long.

Columbia Crater offers easy transportation with its padded handles. This cooler with wheels is easy to clean and restrain the bacterial odors and stains. All thanks to its ultra-safe leak-proof lining with microban.


Dimensions – 13.5 x 10 x 16 inches

Weight – 4.75 pounds

Holding capacity – 50 Cans/ 80 lbs/ 36.3 kg

Pros & Cons of Columbia Crater Peak Rolling Cooler

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • It comes with padded handles
  • It offers therma-flect radiant barrier to reflect the heat.
  • No strap to carry it on the shoulder
  • The bag is attached to the trolley and it’s not stable with heavy loads.

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Rubbermaid DuraChill Wheeled Cooler Reviews

Rubbermaid Durachill

Rubbermaid DuraChill Wheeled Cooler has great ice-retention for up to 5 days. It keeps ice frozen even in the 90 degrees for so long because of its extra-thick insulation. It can hold about 130 cans along with the ice. No hassle dragging this cooler on uneven or grovel surface as it comes with the good quality rugged wheels.

Use it for any outdoor adventure such as fishing, camping, picnics, beach parties and more. It comes with a durable tow handle made up of steel and plastic. You can easily drain the liquid at the bottom using the draining valve. Its side swing handles offer the perfect grip for easy mobility.


Dimensions – 16.9 x 33.3 x 19.4 inches

Weight – 14.88 pounds

Holding capacity – 75 Quarts

Pros & Cons of Rubbermaid DuraChill Wheeled Cooler

  • Great insulation and ice retention for up to 5 days.
  • Large holding capacity.
  • Tow handles made up of good quality.
  • Hinge is not made up of supreme quality.

No products found.

Coolest Cooler 60 Quarts Review

coolest cooler

The Coolest Cooler is the complete package if you’re a party lover. Moreover, if you’re a party animal then this cooler has got you covered with music too with the streaming up to 8 hours. Coolest Coolers are shock-proof and include a magnetic bottle opener along with the matching corkscrew. No worry if you forget to carry the basic essentials for your picnic as it offers four plates and a knife.

The coolest coolers with big wheels help you drag this cooler on any terrain without easily hurting your back. Enjoy the perfect shakes, smoothies, or any of your favorite drinks during your outdoor trips with its 20V rechargeable ice-crushing blender. This cooler is a complete package; charge your phone via USB cable or find your meals easily using built-in lid lights. It has an ice-retention for up to 4-5 days; enjoy your picnic with music and chilled beverages.


Dimensions – 24 x 19 x 17 inches

Weight – 29 pounds

Ice-retention – Up to 3-4 days

Holding capacity – 60 Quarts

Pros & Cons of Coolest Cooler 60 Quarts

  • Added Solar Lid.
  • It comes with a music player.
  • Added Blender lid.
  • Good ice-retention up to 5 days
  • it includes picnic essentials – plates & knife.
  • The battery may drain fast when using the features altogether.

Things You Should Consider Before Investing

It is not necessary that if one thing is god for somebody else, then it would be good for you as well. This is why there are a lot of options available. You just need to choose what is the best option for you. Here we will discuss the factors that you should consider before buying a cooler. 

Dimension (Exterior)

The first thing that you should consider is measuring the size of the space in which you’re carrying your cooler. It may be your car backseat, trunk, or back of your truck. Measuring the exterior dimension of your cooler and space of transportation will give you a clear idea of what size is suitable for you to carry. Moreover, while considering the cooler’s exterior dimension, you should allow any accessories that stick out to the basic unit. These units include wheels, handles, or any other hardware.

Dimension (Interior)

Next, you should consider your cooler’s interior dimension; this will give you an idea of how much content or food you can hold up to on your outdoor adventure. Also, the requirement of interior space varies from person to person. Some of you plan your trip for a few hours or a day; others may be hardcore adventurers who plan their outdoor adventure for a week or so. Preparing a list or having a rough idea about your content will surely help you decide the interior dimension. We recommend investing in a size bigger than your requirement for better convenience.

Size & Quality of the Wheels

When it comes to picking up the best cooler on wheels, this segment plays a vital role. If you plan your trips more likely to uneven or rough surfaces like sand, hills, and more, then you should invest in a cooler with big wheel size. You can also go for the coolers with four wheels for easy transportation.  A smaller wheel size would make it a hassle to drag on groveling and uneven surfaces. Also, there are many coolers available on the market that offers puncture-resistant wheels.

Size & Elevation of the Handle

Handle size and height is another factor that you must heed to before taking it home. If you travel with many people having different heights, then telescopic handles would work just great here. Adjust it according to your height. So, if you’re tall enough, you don’t need to stress your back by crouching your cooler.

Cooler Insulation

Insulation is something that plays a significant role in cooling, and most buyers look for the best insulation coolers. To know about the insulation, first, you must read about the insulation type mentioned below.

  • Polystyrene – Polystyrene insulator is known as the supreme insulator available on the market, and that’s the reason why most of the big manufacturers use polystyrene insulator in their coolers. Moreover, the ice-retention of the cooler depends on the thickness of the walls of the polystyrene insulator. Thicker the wall more insulation it has. You will find most of the wheeled coolers made up of plastic material, which is used as the primary insulator. To get the insulation greater and for a longer time, they add more plastic layers to increase the thickness of the walls.
  • Foam – Most of the cheap & soft-sided coolers consist of foam lining for the insulation. Foam insulation is great for your short duration outings to say for some hour or a day. If you’re planning for a picnic and carrying your food and beverages that would end in a day, then coolers with foam insulation would simply work great. It is less effective than polystyrene insulations and has less ice-retention.

Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Wheeled Cooler

  • Wash your cooler after every use – Washing your cooler after every use with the cleaning agent, water and cloth will not only help your cooler to stay for long. But it will also aid in preventing any kind of residue or mildew from developing inside. We recommend hanging your cooler on the wheel in the storeroom or any other safe place to prevent bugs from crawling in and sit inside.
  • Avoid Overloading your cooler – Overloading the coolers may damage the wheels. It’s recommended to see the maximum holding capacity of the cooler. We recommend not to fill it to the top to avoid troublesome dragging your cooler on grovel terrain. It could also affect the ice-retention of your cooler.
  • Larger ice takes longer to melt – If you’re looking to have a great and longer ice-retention, you should avoid using the small ice-cubes you usually get at normal stores and gas stations. It’s is recommended to use big ice cubes or ice packs that you can make on your own by simply freezing the water in the big container at your home.

FAQs about Coolers on Wheels

Before throwing your money on wheeled coolers in haste, you should look at the frequently asked questions asked by the buyers. This will give a perception of what coolers are all about & what they generally offer if you’re new.

    How long can a cooler work?

    It totally depends on the type and insulation of your cooler. Polyurethane is known as the supreme quality for better insulation and longer ice retention. That’s why you would find it on the expensive coolers of elite brands. They usually have 2-3 inches of polyurethane for the great ice-retention. With this type of insulation, you can almost get a week of ice retention time. Also, the temperature outside and how often you open it a key factor for the longer ice-retention.

    Can I leave my cooler in the sun?

    It all depends on your cooler. If you have a soft-sided cooler, then we would recommend avoiding direct exposure to the sun, and keeping it in a shaded area would work great. Moreover, most of the coolers made up of military-grade plastic are UV-protected and won’t be affected due to the sun’s heat at all.

    Can I use dry ice in my cooler?

    Again, this totally depends on the type of cooler you’ve invested in. If the manufacturer doesn’t recommend using dry ice, you need not try it. You can read your cooler manual to have a better idea of whether it is suitable for dry ice or not.

    How should I store my cooler when not in use?

    We would suggest you keep it in a safe place or just hang it up in your garage or storeroom, so no insects crawl and sit inside it.

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