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Canyon Cooler, Canyon Coolers review

Set up in 2010, Canyon went out to make a premium ice chest that delivers premium features under the non-premium price tag. With their not so “huge product line up,” the store needs no room to not look after your needs. Canyon deals in two different series of Coolers called “Adventure Series and Outfitter Series.” In addition to the coolers, you can shop for  Drinkware and Accessories. The brand is known for its high-end rotomolded cooler, laying special emphasis on offering a practical design that adds more to the outdoorsman’s convenience. Canyon coolers offer quality coolers that make no compromise with storage capacity and are incorporated with special features. Let’s check out Canyon Coolers Product line up and Canyon Coolers review.

Canyon Coolers Product Line Up

Talking about Canyon cooler’s product line up, Canyon has a diverse and impressive array of products line up. Canyon deals in Hard-Sided Coolers. Currently, Canyon has launched two series, which they call “Adventure Series” and “Outfitter Series.” Let’s be familiar with both series.

Canyon Coolers Adventure Series

Canyon cooler adventure series

Talking about the Adventure Series, Canyon deals in four different coolers named prospector 103, Canyon Cooler Scout 22, Canyon Cooler Scout 30, and the Canyon Cooler quest Back Pack Soft Cooler. These coolers come with different storage capacities and in vivid and lively colors. These coolers accentuate their superior build quality and brag about their quality.

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Canyon Coolers Outfitter Series

Coming to the Outfitter Series, you can shop for outfitter 35, outfitter 55, outfitter 22, outfitter 75, outfitter 125. These are the most premium coolers as claimed by the Canyon under non-premium price tags. Availability in different storage capacity has hit potential customers. Like Adventure Series, these coolers come with great strength and durability.

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Canyon Coolers Features & Comparison

Now that we are well versed with the Canyon Cooler, its history, product line up and much more. It’s time to proceed and check what Canyon offers to its customers that makes it unbeatable. Let’s break down the specifications of the Adventure Series and Outfitter Series.

Canyon Coolers Adventure Series Features

Under the Adventure Series launched by the Canyon, one can find different sizes of coolers. Moreover, they come in beautiful colors, so you do not have to compromise with the colors. What Canyon brags about its coolers is the fact that they are rock-solid and they have a bombproof construction.

  • Rotomolded Constructions – The rotomolded technology ensures that the coolers are tough, strong, and durable. That’s another standard if the coolers want to compete in the industry. Besides this, they have HUNTX foam installed inside the coolers that keep your beverage cold and safe.
  • Tie-down points Talking about mobility, The adventure series coolers come with Multiple tie-down points. What you simply need to do is to tie the coolers using a tie-down point. The Canyon Cooler Adventure Series comes with the hard-wearing wheels that make carrying or moving so much convenient and rescue your back.
  • Drain Plug – You don’t have to worry about the leakage thing since these coolers come with the redesigned drain plugs. The redesigned drain plugs ensure no leakage problems, and you don’t run out of your ice.
  • Built-in Opener What’s more interesting to know that these coolers come with the built-in opener. So, carrying additional openers while camping out is not mandatory.

Canyon Coolers Review – Adventure Series Comparison

Canyon Adventure Series comes in Hard Sided Coolers and Soft-Sided Coolers. The ice chests in these series considerably differ a lot when it comes to specifications and performance. Large models dominate when it comes to ice retaining performance. Moreover, the smaller models won’t disappoint you in terms of performance. You can choose from personalized coolers to larger coolers depending upon your budget and specifications.

ModelsProspector 103Canyon Cooler Scout 22Canyon Cooler Scout 30Canyon Cooler quest Back Pack Soft Cooler
 Exterior Dimensions37.5×21.25×18.5616.5x15x1618x17x17.512x10x20
Interior Dimensions31x13x13.712×8.5×11.512x12x12.5Closed
Storage103 Quarts22 quarts30 quarts25 quarts
  • MobilityCanyon Adventure Coolers are quite easy to move. With the wheels attached, the canyon makes sure that your back doesn’t hurt while carrying the cooler. The Canyon Adventure coolers also come with multiple tie-down points to easily attach your cooler with the boats. For handling, you can kind the nylon strap that comes with the cooler.
  • AppearanceAs far as appearance is concerned, the Canyon was much focused on the features than the appearance. There are just limited colors to choose from. You can find sandstone and white marble color under the Adventure series. Moreover, the customization features are not being offered by the Canyon. You can’t get your design, pattern, color that might drive you super crazy.
  • CostIs the price justified? We are delighted with the price they are charging. Many other brands charge much higher unreasonably. The canyon offers plenty of features that are too hard to resist, and at the same time, prices are under the non-premium category. Moreover, they provide a lifetime warranty to have you covered, which gives one more reason to justify the price.
  • Insulation AbilityUntil a cooler does not give a great insulation ability, the purpose of buying the cooler remains unfulfilled. We have already talked about the ice retaining capacity of all the models under the Adventure series, and we are impressed by the results we got. With the unique blend of rotomolded technology, AirTight seal, and HUNTX Foam give these coolers a great ice life. Whatever model you choose to go for, we assure you won’t get disappointed with the performance. Even the smaller cooler can retain the ice for a day, and in the case of the larger model, it may go up to the week.
  • DurabilityAfter the ice retention ice, one thing that can’t be overlooked is the build quality. Is the cooler strong enough to handle wear or tear? How superior is its build quality? Until you don’t find the answer to these questions, don’t proceed to buy. Talking about the durability of Canyon adventure coolers, these coolers are designed with rotomolded technology. Moreover, the wheels provided in the coolers will stick by your side whether you camp on mountains, terrain, hills.

Canyon Cooler Outfitter Series Features

Along with the Canyon Cooler Adventure Series, the Canyon deals in Outfitter Series as well. One can find a limited number of coolers. For the time being, the Canyon has to offer only 5 coolers in this series. This includes outfitter 22, outfitter 35, outfitter 55, outfitter 75, outfitter 125. Talking about the quality and build, they are designed with the rotomolded technology that ensures it can suffer your normal abuse whether you kick or sit on it.

  • HUNTX Foam– Coming to the lid, the Outfitter series comes with the recessed solid material hinge. This system does not let your lid fall again and again when you open the ice chest. You can also enjoy the feature of HUNTX foam that resists the heat and keeps your beer and sandwich cold.
  • Airtight Seal- Moving on, the Canyon Cooler Outfitter series comes with an airtight seal for the ice retention or ice life.
  • Rubber Gasket– The gasket inside the cooler creates an airtight junction that ensures a high insulation period.
  • Drain Plug– The drain plug technology built in the coolers prevents leakage, and you can travel without being worried.

Canyon Coolers Review – Outfitter Series Comparison

Canyon Coolers’ outfitter series come in different sizes. From personalized coolers to Large coolers with more than 100 quarts, Canyon has got you covered. Moreover, their ice retention period considerably differs from each other. Below, we have compared these coolers that will give you a brief about the specifications and performance of Canyon Outfitter coolers.

ModelCanyon Cooler Outfitter 22 Canyon Cooler Outfitter 35Canyon Cooler Outfitter 55Canyon Cooler Outfitter 75Canyon Cooler Outfitter 125
Exterior Dimensions16.75×13.5×1623.75x17x2327.5×16.5×2729×18.25×28.2534×33.25×20.25
Interior Dimensions12×7.5×1212.5×9.75×17.513×10.5×2113.75×12.5×2216x15x27
Storage22 quarts35 quarts55 quarts74 quarts126 quarts
Weight11 lbs22 lbs25 lbs30.5 lbs40.5 lbs
  • DurabilityYou can expect similar durability like that in the Adventure series. Made with rotomolded technology, the Outfitter cooler series is quite strong and durable. There will be no leakage problem as the coolers come with the drain plugs that prevent any sort of leakage inside the cooler. So, both the Outfitter series and the adventure series coolers are almost similar when talking about durability.
  • MobilityTalking about mobility, unlike the adventure series, the coolers do not come with hard wheels, so carrying or moving the cooler back and forth feels a tad terrible. Other than that, there is a nylon tie-down strap that makes it easier to carry the coolers. The lack of hard wheels remains a disappointment.
  • AppearanceAs we all know, there are a limited number of options to choose from, the colors are also limited. You can have access to only two colors, i.e., Sandstone and white marble. Moreover, the customization is not offered by the Canyon on any of its series. So, this factor remains a minor disappointment, but still, it can be overlooked.
  • CostCanyon Outfitter Cooler series fall in the category of a premium brand. Prices charged by the canyon are much more affordable than the rest of the brands. Besides this, by providing the lifetime warranty, there are backing up their product. Thus, buying the cooler ultimately feels worthy.
  • Ice life – We are pretty much amazed by the ice retaining ability of the Canyon outfitter cooler. They have the ice retaining capacity that goes for days. We have already talked about the Ice retaining capacity of Canyon Cooler. Designed with rotomolded technology, the thick walls allow great ice retention and never let you run out of your ice. Like the Adventure series coolers, these coolers come with the HUNTX foam that enhances the insulation ability.

Canyon Coolers Ice Life

Ice life is something we don’t want to take for granted. The basic purpose of a cooler is to retain the ice life for a longer period. If the cooler fails to serve the basic purpose, what’s the use of having that cooler?  So, For a smarter decision, always ensure that the cooler has a high ice life. Here’s the test that we conducted on Canyon Adventure Series and Canyon Outfitter Series Coolers. These tests reveal if these coolers will live up to your expectations or not.

Adventure Series Ice Life – Canyon Coolers Ice Life

We have three models, namely Prospector 103, Canyon Cooler Scout 22, Canyon Cooler Mule 30, tested to check the ice life. The results are below:-

ModelIce Life
Prospector 103155- 230 hours
Canyon Cooler Scout 2240-50 hours
Canyon Cooler Mule 3075- 120 hours

Like we have already talked that, the smaller model has less ice retaining capacity. While the larger model holds a great capacity to retain the ice. We are impressed by the 222 Long model  Variations in different climatic conditions that may bring variations in the ice retaining capacity.

Ice Retention of Canyon Coolers- Outfitter Series

If a brand wants to stand out from the crowd, it needs to provide high ice retention. If a brand fails to serve its customer, the rest of the features and specification becomes worthless. Now, we know the features and specifications of both categories, let’s check out how these coolers perform in Ice Retention.

Under the category, we tested all the models’ named outfitter 35, outfitter 55, outfitter 22, outfitter 75, outfitter 125. See the results in the table:-

ModelIce Life
Outfitter 35100-140 hours
Outfitter 55120-180 hours
Outfitter 2236-48 hours
Outfitter 75140-220 hours
Outfitter 125200-300 hours

Where can you buy Canyon Coolers?

Buying canyon coolers are much easy. So, if you are looking to buy coolers from any series, i.e., Adventure Series or Outfitter Series, you can visit the Canyon’s Store. But we advise you to buy from Amazon’s website. You will get the coolers at the best possible price, and you can save some bucks. Moreover, you can expect free shipping and delivery from Amazon. So, visit the official website of Amazon since they have plenty of Canyon coolers. Choose your desired model and grab them fast.

Buy on Amazon

Final Thoughts

We are much impressed by the Canyon Coolers. Their series, i.e., Adventure Series and Outfitter series, offers many unique features under the non-premium price tag. The thing is that they have just a limited number of options and colors. So, if you plan to buy a durable cooler and have a great ice retention life, this factor can be overlooked. Moreover, they will save some bucks for a rainy day.

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Are Canyon Coolers bear-resistant?

These coolers are IGBC Bear Resistant certified, which ensures that these coolers can easily withstand bears’ attack. These coolers are real-life tested, and they have passed the test, hence, getting certified as bear-resistant.

For How Long Canyon Coolers can retain ice?

These coolers are tough, and they can survive the heat of the sun easily. Canyon coolers can easily retain ice for at least 6 days. Well, there’s a catch. Various factors can impact the life of ice packed in the coolers. The packed ice depends upon the temperature, where you have kept it, how frequently you are opening it, and many other factors. If you take care of these things, you’ll be able to make the most out of these coolers.

What are Canyon Coolers made of?

Canyon coolers are made of American made material, and they are assembled overseas at various places.

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