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Arctic Zone, the Californian company with a vision of innovation, has become a leader in insulated products. Being the market leader in soft-sided coolers and lunch packs, the Arctic zone has its offices in different parts of the world. From 1986 to date, they continue to serve the cooler industry with the innovations and styles it brings to the table. When it comes to coolers, the brand offers many incredible products that make your camping trip memorable. With that said, below, we have broken down the features, specifications of Arctic Zone coolers. Arctic Zone has been intricately manufacturing the hard-sided coolers and what makes them so unique is that these coolers are laced incorporated with the premium features. Not just that, Arctic Zone has really an impressive range of product line up across several categories. We have personally reviewed these coolers, and you can read out reviews of these coolers to see our take on these coolers.

Product Line up by Arctic Zone

Arctic Zone deals in Arctic Zone Soft Coolers and Lunch Packs. You can choose from an array of product lines up across these categories. One can find a diverse variety based on the storage size, colors, and pattern, so you do not have to compromise with the product. Under the category of Arctic Zone Soft Coolers, Arctic Zone offers a wide and impressive series that includes the following:-

  • High-Performance Coolers

  • Backpack Coolers

  • Cooler Totes

  • Realtree Camo Coolers

  • Rolling Coolers

No products found.

For more designs and colors, visit here.

Features of Arctic Zone Coolers

Now that we are familiar with Arctic Zone Ice Chest’s history and in what category it tops the market. Now it’s time to proceed on to find out what makes it the leader of the cooler industry. Let’s find out:

We have already talked about the innovation being Arctic Zone’s forte. Have you ever heard of Zipperless Coolers? Arctic Zone changed the mindset of people about the cooler. With the Zipperless Coolers manufactured by Arctic Zone, especially Titan Series, they have changed the Arctic Zone Soft Coolers’ perception.

  • Durable – Designed with Rhino Tech Material that makes Arctic Zone Coolers tough, strong, and durable. For convenience and usability, the coolers are designed with an adjustable shoulder strap that further comes with a shoulder pad. Your shoulders do not pain while carrying the cooler.
  • SmartShelf – Talking about its unique feature that is SmartShelf. SmartShelf being installed in the Arctic Zone Cooler hold your product so that your hard product and soft product do not get damaged.
  • Top Lid Arctic Zone Ice Chests come with an easy-access top lid that allows you to take hold of your products without fully opening the lid. This feature seems quite impressive.

Arctic Zone Soft Coolers- Comparison

ModelArctic Zone Deep Freeze 16 CansArctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze 30 Cans Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze 60 Cans Arctic Zone Ultra by 24 cans
Dimensions12.25×8.0x12.2516.5×11.00×12.7514.75×15.5×19.0012″ x 7.5″ x 20″
Capacity16 cans30 cans48 cans24 cans
Weight2.9lbs4.9 lbs8.8 lbs1.5 pounds

Arctic Zone Cooler has an impressive product line up. These soft-sided coolers are hard to be seen with these features. The superior build quality, impressive insulation period is unbeatable when talking about the soft-sided coolers.

  • Durability – The Arctic Zone Coolers are quite durable. They can handle any normal wear and tear and even then stick by your side. Moreover, the Arctic Zone Ice chests are water and stain-resistant. You do not have to worry if it rains while you go out on any excursion, camping, fishing. The Arctic Zone Cooler bags are built with leak-proof lining.

  • Mobility Quite convenient and easy to carry, Arctic Zone Cooler bags with the adjustable shoulder strap along with shoulder pad. It becomes much easier to carry the coolers upon your shoulders. So, if your hands are full, you don’t have to bother about holding them. While carrying it on your shoulders, the adjustable shoulder strap will ensure that your shoulders do not pain when you carry the cooler.

  • Insulation Period The insulation period that the Arctic Zone Cooler offers is unbeatable. When talking about the soft-sided coolers, it becomes hard to find a cooler with a great insulation period. Normally, you can expect a single-day insulation period from the soft-sided coolers, but Arctic Zone overcomes this obstacle, and their coolers offer up to 3 days of ice retention period depending upon the size, storage, and model. In some cases, it might go more than 3 days, depending on the climatic conditions.

  • Abundance of Storage Arctic Zone Ice chests provide an abundance of storage to keep your content safe. These coolers come with an abundance of storage. This allows you to keep your food and beverages more so you never run out of eatables. What’s more interesting to know is that the Arctic Zone Cooler bags come with the SmallShelf features that can hold your hard and soft product separately.

Some of the Best Arctic Zone Coolers

For you, we have compiled up a list of some of the best Arctic Zone Cooler bags manufactured by the Arctic Zone. Check the table below:


Arctic Zone Pro 30

Arctic Zone Titan 48

Arctic Zone Titan 16

12 Can Realtree Camo

16 Can Realtree Camo

Ice Life

24-36 hours

36-48 hours

24-36 hours

24 hours

24-36 hours


30 cans

48 cans

16 cans

12 cans

16 cans


2.8 lb

6.2 lb

2.9 lb

1.9 lb


Where can you buy Arctic Zone Coolers?

If you wondering where to buy the Arctic Zone Ice chests, we recommend you visit the Arctic Zone; else, you can visit the official website of Amazon. Amazon is the only website that’s providing the best prices on Arctic Zone Cooler. Moreover, you can get free shipping when you buy from Amazon. So, what are you waiting for?

Buy On Amazon

Final Thoughts

So, we have already been informed about the specifications of the Arctic Zone Cooler bags. Now, you are well informed about the build quality, design, mobility, ice retention life. It’s hard to find the coolers with such innovative and exclusive features under such a price tag, especially when we talk about the soft-sided coolers. Moreover, Arctic Zone Coolers are relatively cheaper than the rest of the brands. The Arctic Zone Cooler bags do everything pretty well when it comes to quality, durability. We advise you to go for Arctic Zone Coolers when you don’t want to spend a lot of money and at the same time not wanting to compromise with the features.

For your ease, we have also broken down the specifications of other premium brands. You can read the reviews here:

You can always connect with us. Feel free to reach out if anything bothers you.

FAQ’s for Arctic Zone Coolers

What size of the cooler should I go with?

Arctic zone manufactures many coolers that come in different sizes. You can choose from small size coolers or large size coolers. The answer to this question depends on your purpose in buying the cooler and how you intend to use it. If you are using it for hunting, probably, you will need a cooler with a bigger size. Also, it depends upon the number of the person that is accompanying you. If you are going out alone or with one or two people, a medium-sized cooler is all you need.

How to make the most out of your cooler?

There are many factors that can impact the life of ice, food, beverages, but it is essential to know how to make the most out of your cooler.
1. Make sure to keep the contents of the cooler before packing them in the cooler. The more chilled they are, the more they will retain their temperature and will stay cold for more time.
2. Using dry ice instead of normal ice can definitely make a difference in the cooler’s ice retaining capacity. Dry ice does not melt soon as compared to normal ice.
3. To make the most out of your coolers, you must know that you should always avoid opening the cooler frequently and keep it away from the sunlight.

Can these coolers be used as a food warmer?

While most of the coolers do a great job of keeping your food and drinks, you will be able to find coolers that act as a warmer to warm up your food. So, no matter whether you are taking lunch at work, you will get rid of the soggy food. In most of these coolers, you will be able to switch from the cooling function to the warmer at the tap of a button.

What is the Ice retention capacity of Arctic Zone Coolers?

The ice retention capacity of any cooler depends upon various factors. Arctic Zone coolers can retain ice for several days. Factors like temperature, humidity, weather can play a great role and can impact the Arctic Zone cooler’s ice retention capacity. Another factor is how frequently you open the cooler.

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