Best Coolers Review July 2019: Discover The Best For You

Coolers are a great addition to your life. From meeting your daily needs to helping you in your adventure quest, these ice coolers come under the “must-have” product. Definitely, you need something to keep your food and beverages cold when the scorching heat of summer dehydrates you. While on your journey, you want a cooler that can retain the ice for a longer duration so you don’t have to refill the ice cooler again and again.

Plenty of ice chest cooler is available in the market that you can choose from depending upon their functionality, specifications but these cooler considerably differ from each other. Availability of coolers in different size and colors might put you in the dilemma. Moreover, you want something that always sticks by your side when it comes to the performance.

To guide you through this misery, we have done a lot of work. Before you reach your final verdict, make sure to read our best ice coolers review that are true, authentic and fair.

Top 10 Best Coolers Comparison

Here we have provided a comparison between the brands that manufactures cooler.  The comparison table includes high-end brands to the new entrant as well. So, read the comparison to get an instant glimpse of how these coolers perform and what makes them unique?

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Best Coolers 2019 – The Best Ice Coolers you can find!

From the high-end brands to the newcomers in this industry, these brands have brought something innovative and unique to the table. You can find brands like yeti coolers, grizzly coolers, pelican coolers, orca coolers, arctic ice chest cooler and many other brands taking up the rivalry with each other by offering specifications including customization, lifetime warranty that makes them top the list best coolers list. Let’s be familiar with the offering of these brands.

Yeti Coolers 

yeti cooler, yeti coolers, yeti cooler reviews, yeti coolers review, yeti top models, yeti coolers price, yeti ice chest reviews Ever wondered why you hear “Yeti” when it comes to the ice chest? That’ right! The features and specifications are undoubtedly amazing and the built design is like the cherry on the top. Designed with the Rotomold technology, the ice coolers can handle your abuse and even if you kick it, sit on it, it will still stand firm. In addition to this, the lifetime warranty offered by the Yeti leaves no scope to be skeptical about the product quality.

Product Line up – We are now familiar with the Yeti Coolers as their product line up. Let’s get more into the “Yeti Coolers Series”. Yeti deals in the Hard Sided cooler and Soft Sided Coolers. Under the Hard Sided coolers, Yeti has further expanded the series which they call as “Tundra Series and Roadie Series” while their soft-sided coolers are known by the name of “Hoppers”.

Impressive Things about Yeti Coolers-

  • Durability – If you have been a Yeti fan, you will definitely find Yeti coolers impressive. What makes Yeti coolers, a top rated cooler is a fact that they are made with the rotomolded design which makes them durable. After all, you need an ice chest cooler that is always there by your side.
  • Wide Variety of Products – What makes Yeti coolers more interesting is because they have plenty of options to choose from. Whether you are looking for hard-sided coolers or soft-sided coolers, Yeti is your one-stop destination for your needs. Whether you are looking for a small cooler or big cooler, Yeti coolers can be an ideal choice.
  • Bear Proof Coolers – So, what makes them the best cooler for camping is the reason that they are best bear proof coolers which means they can withstand the assault of the bear. So, it hardly matters where you go, you might leave your cooler unattended still roam worry free.

Orca Coolers

orca coolers, orca review With the Orca coolers, your choice to select the ice cooler is not limited. Discover the cooler bag that meets your specifications in terms of storage and size. You can choose among 20 quarts to 140 quarts. These coolers feature Rotomolded constructions that ensure the durability and longevity. Talking about the insulation ability, these coolers come with the Lid gasket that locks the cold air inside the cooler.

Product Line up – Orca ice cooler has an array of the product line up. Along with the hard-sided coolers, you can find the soft sided coolers and cooler accessories. Under the Hard Sided Coolers, you can find classic colors, camo series, team series and much more. Choose from an exciting range of storage capacity that meets your specifications. Along with this, Orca coolers allow you to customize your cooler bag so you can go super crazy.

Impressive things about Orca Coolers- 

  • Rotomolded Coolers – If you are looking for best travel cooler, orca coolers can be your ideal choice. These coolers are rotomolded coolers which ensure that the durability and quality of the cooler are hardly doubtful. The rotomold design gives the coolers strength to withstand any wear and tear during the camping which is what makes it best cooler for camping.
  • Aesthetics – When you purchase an Orca cooler, you are most probably going to fall in love their aesthetics. Someone would definitely be going to compliment you on your purchase of the cooler bag.
  • Plenty of coolers – Did we mention that there are plenty of choices you can choose from? Yes, definitely, there is a wide variety of cooler bags to choose from. No matter whatever your budget is or if you are looking for a cheap cooler, you will definitely unveil the cooler bag that is going to make its way into your heart. From a wide range of Hard Sided Coolers to Soft Sided coolers, whatever you are looking for, Orca coolers will bring an end to your search.

Pelican Coolers

pelican coolers, pelican ice chest Founded in January 1997, the Pelican coolers deals in Hard-Sided Coolers and Soft-Sided Coolers. Pelican Coolers offer a wide and impressive variety of coolers that come in different sizes, shapes, and colors so you don’t have to compromise with features of coolers. In addition, these ice chest cooler feature stainless steel that resists the corrosion and rust.

Product Line Up – Pelican offers a huge and wide range of selection to meet the consumer’s demand. From the hard-sided coolers to the soft-sided cooler bags, Pelican has got everything covered for you. Different storage sizes with different colors are sure to seal the deal. Along with this, Pelican offers cooler accessories that bring the innovation to the cooler.

Impressive Things about Pelican Coolers- 

  • Plenty of choices – Pelican offers an exciting range of coolers across Hard Sided Coolers or Soft Sided coolers. So, if you are looking for a cooler bag that is highly durable, keeps your ice for long period, Pelican coolers will be your smart choice.
  • Huge Storage – What we most liked about pelican coolers is the fact that they have you covered when it comes to storage space. These coolers are available in different sizes. So, if you are looking for a small cooler or medium cooler or large cooler, discover an exclusive and wide variety of Pelican coolers.
  • Portable Coolers – Some of the Pelican coolers come with wheels. The coolers with wheels make it easier for you to carry or move the cooler easily. You can easily mount the coolers with wheels on rough terrain easily. That’s another reason which makes these coolers as best coolers for camping.

Rtic Coolers

rtic Coolers, rtic ice chest Rtic coolers have brought innovation and unique design to the table. Their impressive product line up guarantees the customer’s satisfaction. The coolers feature a Rotomolded design that can handle the normal collision or wear and tear. The bear proof coolers prevent the cooler from the assault of bear. The non-slip feet feature keeps from cooler from sliding and you will find the cooler exactly at the same spot where you had left it earlier.

Product Line up – To meet today’s need, the Rtic coolers offers a wide variety of product. From your daily use products to meeting your adventure’s need, find everything at Rtic. Choose from the variety of Hard-Sided ice chest, Soft-Sided Coolers, Day Coolers, Back Pack Cooler and much more. Different storage capacity will definitely meet your need.

Impressive Things about Rtic Coolers-

  • Rotomolded Coolers – Rtic coolers are designed using rotomolded constructions and rotomolded coolers can withstand the assault easily. Rtic coolers come in wide variety and different storage sizes. So, no matter whether you are looking for Hard Sided cooler or Soft Sided coolers, Rtic coolers has got you covered.
  • Different Sizes – Rtic coolers come in different storage sizes which means, you can discover smaller cooler or medium cooler or large cooler as per your needs. These coolers are quite appealing and are beautifully designed.
  • Bear Proof Coolers – Bear- Proof? Yeah, Rtic coolers are bear proof coolers so you can leave them unattended and roam through the dark woods. Bears will not get hold of this bear proof cooler.

Rtic coolers are one of the best coolers since these are cheap coolers as compared to other brands keeping the specifications in mind. So, these coolers are the best cooler for camping.

Grizzly Coolers

Grizzly coolers, Grizzly ice chest For the powerful performance, the Grizzly cooler bag comes with the Rotomolded Coolers design that ensures the durability and longevity. The thick wall that comes with the ice chest gives a powerful performance when it comes to the ice retention. Coming to the portability, these cooler bags come with the 2″ tie down slot that makes it much easier to carry or move the coolers back pack.

Product Line up– You can find hard sided coolers, soft sided coolers, drinkware and much more. The Soft-sided coolers that they call as “Drifter Series” come in two models that have different storage sizes. Along with this, these hard-sided coolers offers huge colors selection and all of them are really impressive.

Impressive things about Grizzly Coolers- 

  • Cheap Coolers – Grizzly is one of the best brands that manufactures cheap coolers. These cooler bags are best travel coolers and always stick by your stick. You can find a wide variety of cooler bags from grizzly.
  • Rotomolded Coolers – These coolers are rotomolded coolers which means you can trust these coolers when you talk about durability and longevity.
  • Plenty of Choices – You have plenty of choices to choose from hard-sided coolers and Soft-Sided coolers. Besides this, these cooler bags are quite appealing and their aesthetic never fail to charm people.
  • Ice Retaining Capacity – This ice chest brags about their ice retaining capacity. Even the smaller cooler has the capacity to retain ice for up to 2 days. You can expect the larger cooler to cross their limits.
  • Bear Proof Coolers – These coolers are best travel coolers since these coolers are bear proof coolers which means you don’t have to worry about the wild creatures when you are in an area where animals dominate. Best cooler for camping you can put your hands on since these coolers are cheap as compared to rest of the brand.

Buyer’s Guide To Best Ice Chest

There is a lot of key consideration before finalizing the deal. These considerations include design, ice retaining capacity, cost, features and much more. Considering these factors before reaching your final decision might let you make a better choice. So, let’s get familiar with how this factor influences your choice.

Durability and Longevity

You want to have a rock solid cooler bag that does not break down even collided. Always look up to the rotomolded design, there is a lot of ice coolers that are designed using the rotomolded coolers technique. Rotomold build ensures durability and longevity. The term” Rotomold Design” is the hallmark for the better quality. So, this is what we want for you. Our top rated coolers reviews are based on this factor and we know how important this factor is while selecting the product.


Portability of coolers, coolers by portable, Cooler bags, coolers with wheeled

Another major key consideration is the portability. Portability ensures the easy portability of the coolers. You definitely don’t want something that seems to be quite heavy to lift or move. That’s when the handles and the coolers with wheels come as a saviour to your back. Moreover, the coolers come with the shoulder strap that will not be holding you back even when your hands are not empty. So, always look for the features that make it more convenient to carry the cooler bag and make it a Portable Cooler. Things that make a portable cooler:

Coolers with wheel

There are many best ice chests that feature wheels. Wheels allow you to easily move your cooler back and forth without stressing on your shoulders or hands. The coolers with wheel are able to mount on rough and rugged terrain that has bumps and uneven path. Apart from these, these coolers come with handles to add more to your convenience. For the rugged terrain, you need to have a larger size of the wheel. Brands like Pelican, Igloo is all set to give you such experience. The coolers with wheels make the cooler, a portable cooler which can be easily carried to places.

Cooler bags

While the cooler with wheels mostly come in hard-sided coolers but you can expect the soft-sided coolers to be portable. To ease carrying the cooler bags, the soft-sided coolers come with the adjustable shoulder strap which means your shoulder won’t pain while you carry. Besides this, there are many other features that you can expect in a cooler bag. This includes Overhead strap and much more. So, like the hard-sided coolers that come with wheels, soft-sided cooler bags are equally portable.

Ice Retaining capacity

Ice Retention Graph, coolers by ice retention, coolers by ice capacity, reviews on cooler ice capacity

What if your ice cooler fail to live up to your expectations. There’s nothing more disappointing than this. Whether you go on a short trip or a long week, you need to have the best ice chest to keep your food and beverage cold. There are many coolers that claim about being the best ice chest in retaining the ice but they actually disappointment us when it comes to the performance. Coolers that come with the thickly insulated wall influence the ice retaining capacity and the natural climate also make difference in the ice retaining capacity.  There are many ice cooler who claim to retain the ice for the weekend or more than 10 days. There are many cooler bags who can retain the ice for short duration as well. This is further due to the storage size. Large coolers usually have greater ice retention capacity while the small cooler tends to have the small retention ice. Before selecting the cooler, you must keep this in mind. Our Best Coolers Reviews about ice retention are based on the personally tested ice cooler. Our Top Ice chest Reviews provide almost real-life ice period capacity of these cooler bags.

Cooler Price

A cooler that meets your requirement and at the same time keeps your budget intact is all you want. Many coolers that provide premium specifications and features come under the premium price tag. You obviously don’t want to break your bank. If you are hardly bothered about the money, many premium brands will let you enjoy the luxurious features. There are many other brands who provide the basic features at the relatively less expensive price making them a cheaper cooler So, this is something you must keep in mind while selecting the cooler. We also saw this factor as another key consideration. Through our best coolers review, we will inform you whether the product is worth the money or not.

Bear Proof Coolers

Bear proof cooler, Bear proof cooler reviews, coolers by bear proof

We have talked about the durability that comes with the rotomolded coolers construction but that does not suffice to face any wild creature when you step out on your journey. We know the rotomolded design can face the collision or your abuse but when it comes to facing any wild creature, it might leave your side. So, we will recommend going for best Ice chest that is bear proof cooler. You need proper lock up to secure food in the cooler when you are in the country where the bear dominates. A cooler which can withstand the assault of any bear can stand anything. Brands like Grizzly and much more offers the bear proof cooler and these Ice chests cooler are really certified.

Rotomolded Construction

The rotomolded design is the hallmark for the standard quality which ensures the strong build. The rotomolded design provides the sustainability and longevity that can withstand the normal wear and tear. Apart from providing the durability, the design of the rotomolded coolers helps in retaining the ice fother more longer period. There are many brands who are built using the cheap rotomolded coolers design. You can find the best Ice chest designed with the rotomolded technology in every budget whether you want a cheap rotomolded design or high-end rotomolded Ice chest design. So, always look up to the rotomolded design before reaching the final verdict. After reading the best cooler reviews, you will definitely make a good choice when it comes to choosing the tough, durable product.

Size of Cooler

Coolers by size, Cooler size, different size of cooler

The best ice chest comes in different sizes, different storage capacities. While selecting the cooler, the key consideration usually remains the size. Depending on your profession, your personal needs you can go out and buy the one that perfectly suits you. There are almost three sizes of coolers available in the market. Let’s be familiar with each of them:

Personal Coolers

The coolers with the size of 16 quarts and less than that come under the category of the Personal ice cooler. These coolers are perfect for a small picnic and their ice retaining capacity can retain the ice for up to 4 days. For the convenience, these coolers come with the shoulder strap that makes it much easier to carry.

Small Coolers

Talking about the small coolers, the ice coolers come with the size that comes between 17 quarts and 35 quarts. For the small group outings or to meet the couple’s needs, these coolers are ideal. These cooler bags are much portable and can be easily carried using the handles that are attached to the cooler. You can also find soft-sided coolers under this category.

Medium Coolers

Medium coolers” are the ice coolers whose size ranges between 36 and 59 quarts. These coolers have a great storage capacity as compared to the other categories. In addition to this, these coolers come with much more specifications or features that make them more interesting. Their ice retaining capacity is much better than the above categories.

Large Coolers

Large Coolers” can be defined as the cooler bags whose storage size ranges from 60 and 99 quarts. These ice chest cooler come with the better ice retention capacity more than the Medium coolers and their ice retaining capacity can exceed more than a week depending upon the climatic factor. Many premium brands offer the Large Cooler size.

Coolers For Camping

Cooler is an important piece of your camping trip. So, holding the best cooler for a camping trip because imperative. With the countless number of options available in the market, choosing the best camping cooler becomes hard. After all, all these brands claim to be the best. While looking for cooler for your camping trip, we advise you to look at the features such as durability, bear proof and much more. Brands like Yeti, Rtic offer bear proof coolers and their durability, strength is unmatched with rest of the coolers. So, always look for these features if you aim to get the best cooler for camping.

Travel Coolers

If travelling to places is your profession, you would be in a need to grab the best travel cooler. Before you jump on your decision, it’s better to consider the factors that make the cooler best for travelling. Features like bear proof resistant are of no use until you travel to the remote and isolated area. Focus on the cooler that offers you great ice retention, strength and durability. After all, you want a cooler that can retain the food fresh and water frozen while you travel during the summer.

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